Gran Turismo 5 E3 2010 Trailer

Well, Sony certainly know how to make a good montage (or should that be two words, mon-tage?) Below you will find the rather tasty new video for Gran Turismo 5. Yes, it was shown at E3 and yes it finally has an official release date of November 2.

But, while you were ogling at the shiny paintwork of the cars and marvelling at the detailed surroundings, there are a few things within the trailer that may not be all too obvious to pick up upon.


First up, there are some cars that haven’t been seen in the Gran Turismo world before, like the Tesla, the now infamous electric sports car from the states. At the other end of the scale, the new Chevrolet Camaro is there representing the old school American V8 alongside a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it appreance from the Dodge Challenger. More importantly, the trailer sees the very first time a Maserati has been in Gran Turismo, so lets all hope the MC12 and gorgeous Quattroporte also make it into the game.

All very nice, but even more significantly, GT5’s night and day cicle is shown for the very first time. It has been mentioned before, but if you watch there are a couple of times were the lights for the cars turn on, representing a shift from day to night. This is most evident during the rally sequence, where it shows the sun setting in the distance. Speaking of which, we see a new track that appears to be purpose built for the WRC licence. At a guess, it would seem to be situated somewhere in Southern Europe.

While it is obvious that Sebastian Vettel is in the game, it is not clear under what capacity he is involved. You can hear him commentatng on driving tips, so perhaps he will be used as a guide around tracks in a similar way Jay Leno is in Gran Turismo PSP. It’s also worth nothing that the man responsible for designing Vettel’s Red Bull F1 car, Adrian Newey, is also given a shout and thus suggesting heavy Red Bull input. In GT5 Prologue, a Ferarri F1 car is drivable so perhaps it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that you’ll be able to drive the Red Bull F1 racer.

Oh yes, and the Top Gear test track is there in all it’s glory, including the Stig in a rather tasty tuned TVR of some description. I wonder of any of Clarkson’s Stig jokes make it into the game?

Finally, one smaller detail is that at around the 1:21 mark, there is visible damage to the panels of a road car (A Mitsubishi Evo X). In past trailers and previews of the game, only racing cars have shown fully body damage, with road cars like the Ferrari’s only showing scrapes and scratches. It would appear that, while this might not be the case for all vehicles in the game, even over the past few months the damage model has been overhauled.

Now, enough reading, start watching.



  1. Glad Top Gear track is in! Hope the will intergrade some leader board online with each car or maybe show the real life timings from the Top Gear show.

    Can’t wait and glad there is more F1!

    • An appearance on Top Gear would be great publicity when this launches in November.

  2. The Top Gear track looks amazing. They’ve got the lighting, the buildings, the colours and the camera angles used in the actual show perfect. It’s gonna be so awesome to finally be able to drive around that track.

    • Yeah, so awesome that they forgot to include real time skid marks.

    • Yes! Ever since they rumored it a while back, I was really excited to race on it. I love the show and racing the Stig would be the coolest thing ever.

    • just need the reasonably price car, and its perfect! :)

  3. I literally had tears in my eyes whilst watching this live, so spectacular.
    It’s nice to see damage, and the fact that the cars seem to naturally go in the air and not a weird hopping skid-type deal-e-o.

    Also que cc_star with his replay footage paragraph :).

    • Imagining this in 3D makes me quite jealous of your TV, Jas-n.

  4. Does Top Gear broadcast in America?
    Great railer!

    • I think it does on BBC America. If it doesn’t, you can download episodes on GT TV via GT5 worldwide anyway.

  5. Nov 2nd in US… when do we get it?

  6. Can not wait for this now. I’ve just watched that video for the third time and the Top Gear track looks incredible. The whole piece looks like it was taken straight from the show, amazing.

  7. Is there a jaw dropping smiley anywhere? The top gear track looks even better than I expected and the fact that Newey and Vettel are featured (along with a Red Bull logo) does hopefully point to the Red Bull F1 car being in the game.
    Anyway enough typing, I’m going to watch it again now.

  8. Holy poo, I just wacthed it on my iPhone and it still looked amazing :) can’t wait to watch it in it’s full HD glory!

  9. In the Top Gear Track bit, it actually looks like a real life clip from the show as they zoom past the tire wall. Absolutely incredible detail!

    • Look at the shot from the sky with the planes in it. Extraordinary.

  10. …. ….

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