inFamous 2 E3 Trailer

Here it is, complete with newly hirsute and tattooed Cole. This just went live over on the PlayStation blog along with some other details such as the fact that Cole will be trying to build his powers after starting the game as a full-on super hero and finding a reason to get stronger.

inFamous 2 is set in the steamy Southern US city of New Marais which has been heavily influenced by New Orleans. Look out for the ice.



  1. I’m looking forward to this game and to discovering Cole’s new powers, but I wasn’t overimpressed with the trailer!

    Oh, and add me to the ‘Don’t like the new look Cole’ party!! ;)

  2. Reminds me of Bioshock haha

  3. I’m pretty convinced that anyone who really enjoyed the first game thought the original Cole was absolutely fine. Gritty, real, down-to-earth. I’ll be interested to see what Sucker Punch have to say about such a jarring change.

    • i’m guessing it’ll be along the lines of we want more sales so we made him mainstream

  4. New Cole is gay. Looks like some lame fratboy heh.

  5. i prefare the look of the old cole but its gameplay that comes first for me so if its as good as the first one im ok with it

  6. So, will you be getting new powers in every new game of inFamous? If so, that’d be so cool! Fire in the third perhaps? Keep lightning/electricity as the main focus though… As for the new Cole, he sounds way too typically teenage, like spiderman :/ Old Cole was keeeewwwl

  7. lotta hate for the new cole. i think it will be fine.

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