Dreamcast Games Flood To PS3, 360

Big, big Dreamcast fan, me. I had about 70 Dreamcast games, and still have my original launch console – it was a beautiful machine capable of arcade quality graphics and introduced me, via Phantasy Star Online, to spending far too much time online.


So, I welcomed the news that Crazy Taxi and Sonic Adventure were heading to the PS3 and Xbox 360 with open arms – both are great games and fairly representative of the DC’s early output.  But when I heard that “20 more” Dreamcast games were headed our way, well – you can imagine my delight.

Speaking to CVG, Sega has said that it expects to have between 18 and 24 Dreamcast games on the XBLA and PSN by next summer, roughly a year away, which translates approximately to one game every couple of weeks – a steady flow indeed.

“We don’t have any more plans than Dreamcast at the moment,” said Sega West president Mike Hayes when asked about moving backward to the Saturn. “No, we’re focusing on Dreamcast. There’s a significant catalogue there.

“With Dreamcast, we want to refocus people on that particular console. We want to make it more of a campaign… Confusing it by putting other [systems] in, we decided probably wouldn’t be the right thing. And obviously the Dreamcast was huge for the fans.”

I can’t wait to see what’s next.



  1. Great news…

    realy hoping to see…

    Jet Set Radio
    Sega Rally [original]
    and the ALMIGHTY Powerstone!

    • I second that all! I’ve only played Sega Rally out of these but I always wanted to play the others. Add in the Shenmue games and that one where you’re a firefighter (sorry can remember the name) and that would be amazing!

    • Wasn’t the original Sega Rally on the Sega Saturn?

      • Think it was ;-)

        There was a cracking version of Sega Rally on the arena of dreams that was the Dreamcast though. Powerstone is the best game for DC in my humble opinion though.

        I rememeber having an awesome football and tennis game for the arena of dreams as well…?

  2. Oooh, Skies of Arcadia and Shenmue please – never got to play them back in the day.

  3. I never had a dreamcast and can’t remember even playing one. What games should players like me be looking for? Wasn’t Virtua Tennis a classic on that system?

  4. In E3, by the Sonic and Crazy Taxi booth, where they were giving out the DC shirts, the Sega guy was asking people about their favorite DC games, and to each he was saying that we can go to facebook.com/sega and submit our desired game there and Sega will start working on the highest needed! They have the engine and everything ready…
    Come on people!!! Jet Set Radio and Shenmue!!!!!!

  5. Shenmue, Crazy Taxi and WWF Royal Rumble fdr me please. Still have the original Dreamcast but only a few games left GTA 2, Snooker and Sega Rally. Shenmue 1 and 2 still expensive even on Ebay they still go for £30.

  6. Skies of Arcadia and Chu Chu Rocket are my priorities but Dreamcast has such a rich and diverse catalogue I think it will give people a new found respect for the console and Sega.

  7. I have an idea….. since the Dreamcast’s controller had only one analogue stick would it not be a good candidate for the PSP too?

    • When the first rumours of Dreamcast PSN games came out, I was kinda hoping they would be emulated like PSone Classics, so you could play them on PSP too, but it looks like they are just releasing them as proper PSN titles, so no luck.

      • but i thought if you buy a game on psn, some can be played on both psp and ps3…..or are they just minis?

  8. Quantic Dream’s Omikron: The Nomad Soul, there is rumoured to be a PS3 sequel on the drawing board.

    Wish Sega would get Master System & Megadrive games on the store though
    Fantasy Zone & FZII
    Y’s The Vanished Omens
    Psycho Fox
    And then all the Megadrive stuff, of which there is at least 100
    Then they could do the 32X & MegaCD stuff along with the Saturn

    • WOW.

      A master system store….

      Kung Fu Kid
      Prince of Persia
      Spy Vs Spy
      Alex the Kidd

      belters, belters, belters :-)

      • I sometimes wonder whether these companies want to make any money at all… All they need to do is convert the open source MS/MD/32X/MegaCD/Saturn emulator to run on the PS3.

        You then use that converted emulator as a base for your game, then release it into a SEGA branded area of the PSN, then start releasing your whole back catalogue.

        You only really have one hard piece of work to do and that is getting the emulator running. No end users ever need to see the emulator it just works like a kind of middleware meaning you don’t have to go through the same conversion process with every individual game

  9. I can remember spending many a late night on Quake3 Map 7 Hidden Fortress (IMO the best Q3 Tourney map), either on a German server or playing over on the American servers with my amazing 33k Modem haha!!

    I remember a lot of people leaving Q3 to play PSO and unfortunately i didn’t get the online experience :(

    I have to say though Nofi that it was indeed ‘the’ best console i have owned to date and produced some magical gaming moments, the only problem is is that it’s 10 years ago now and i feel well bloody old :(

  10. what about the dreamcast daytona usa remake? that was fantastic…online 16 player please. pitty about them not doing saturn games (maybe at a later date)…anyone remember baku baku aminal? they could add a 2 player online mode, it was an awsome game.

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