Naughty Bear Hits This Friday

If you’ve been following the debate over on this week’s New Releases article, you’ll have noticed some almost pantomime-esque ripostes regarding 505 Games’ release of sadistic stuffing-slasher Naughty Bear. It’s coming on the 25th, no, wait – the 29th. Oh no it isn’t. He’s behind you! Etc.

We’re confused. With retailers quoting various dates and no one really sure what the hell is going on, we took it upon ourselves to contact the source and have received the definitive reply. Dan from Bastion, the PR company supporting the game, has stated:


“It’s out this Friday in the UK – I don’t have any information about a different release date for Europe though.”

OK, so not as definitive as we would have liked but, if you’re based in the UK of course, you’ll be able to torture teddies come the weekend. For the rest of us in Europe? It could be the same date, though the UK is fairly unique in releasing games on a Friday. Don’t be surprised if it appears across the rest of Europe the following Tuesday, however. That 29th date had to come from somewhere – right?



  1. New releases are generally fri for Ireland too.
    I just watched a gameplay vid for this, like the look of it but not sure how long i’d want to play it for.

  2. I can bear-ly wait for it!

    Ok, I’ll stop now.

    • poor! 1/10!

      on my lovefilm list this :)

      • Oh my word!!! That jokes terrible, its surely got to be some sort of Human Rights violation ;-)
        (Im just jealous you cracked it first)

        @ Vaile23 on my Lovefilm list too

    • That was just paw.

    • Hope the release date is correct, otherwise it’s a bear faced lie.

    • Fur real?

      • Can’t wait to sink my claws into this

  3. Great, now another game … friday is expensive for the amount of games i want!!

  4. As much fun as the trailers have been I hope there’s an actual game in there too.

  5. Is this game downloadable?

  6. Whilst I think this game will be a laugh, I will wait a couple of months and pick it up for a nice, crisp tenner.

  7. It’s a fun game, but I don’t know if I’ll get it now, or wait and see if it’ll be discounted on PS+

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