New Releases: June 14th – 27th

Apart from Snake’s return to the PSP, last week was something of a blowout it terms of game releases. So we took a week off. With the tail-end of the month of June looking a hell of a lot healthier, we’re back – and not just with this week’s new releases but with a retrospective glance at what hit the shelves last week. We’re nothing if not thorough.

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

Release Date: June 17th
Platforms: PSP
Publisher: Konami
Developer: Kojima Productions

Synopsis: Glowing reviews, awesome mullets, and all set to the shadowy backdrop of the Cold War – a war so covert no one really knows who won, or who was even fighting for that matter.  Occurring after the events of Metal Gear Solid 3 and Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops, once again we take on the role of the original Naked Snake. Described as some as not only one of the best Metal Gear games of the series but one of the best games on the PSP period, if you have Sony’s handheld device and are looking for a polished, deep and enjoyable yarn with some familiar friends – this is for you.

Shrek Forever After

Release Date: TBA
Platforms: PS3, 360
Publisher: Activision
Developer: XPEC

Synopsis: Really hammering home the whole “four” thing, the game tie-in of DreamWorks Animation’s summer rehash dishes up four-player action across four worlds. Along the way you can expect some puzzles thrown in to break up the monotony. Shrek, Fiona, Donkey and Puss in Boots, all controllable for all the family. Could be worse. Could be a game based on the new Garfield movie.

Metal Slug XX

Release Date: June 25th
Platforms: PSP
Publisher: Funbox Media
Developer: SNK

Synopsis: Popular run-and-gunner Metal Slug has been going for yonks, with this, the XX entry, yet another edition to materialise. A reworked version of Metal Slug 7, which previously only saw a release on the DS, XX adds co-op multiplayer to the mix and a graphical overhaul. It’s all very confusing, a stable trait with any Japanese series venturing over to these shores, with revisions, remakes, odd numbering and bonkers translations all muddying the waters. I’m sure a Metal Slug aficionado could explain the arcane history of the legendary series. Know one? ‘Cause we’re officially stumped.

TNA iMPACT! Cross The Line

Release Date: TBC
Platforms: PSP
Publisher: SouthPeak Games
Developer: Midway Studios – LA

Synopsis: The first handheld game featuring the popular wrestling promotors, Cross The Line is also due out on the DS. That’s it. I don’t know how to make a wrestling game sound appealing so … yeah … Cross that line people. Cross it.

Puzzle Quest 2

Release Date: June 22nd
Platforms: XBL
Publisher: D3 Publisher
Developer: Infinite Interactive

Synopsis: Another 3-gem matching Bejewelled “imagining”, Puzzle Quest 2 adds a twist of RPGness in the flavour of four character classes: War Mage, Inquisitor, Barbarian and Assassin. Just like the first Puzzle Quest, players can level up their characters, with buckets of modes including Multiplayer for “a rich and diverse experience.” The game is also coming to the iPhone.

LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4

Release Date: June 25th
Platforms: PS3, 360, PSP
Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Developer: Traveller’s Tales

Synopsis: Snot-nosed conjuration noob Potter gets the popular blockhead treatment in a game that, quite advisably we might add, combines the orphan-turned-saviour’s early years at Hogwarts together in one complete tale. Spells feature heavily, naturally, with the ability to levitate blocks and other such mystical high jinks. Making potions also constitutes a big part of the gameplay, with Potter and friends getting rat-arsed after (un)intentionally mixing too much eye of newt with whatever else they can find rumaging through Snipe’s liquor cabinet. You’ll also be able to avail of Ron’s pet rat, Scabbers, though I’m not sure in what capacity. Actually, I’m sure I don’t want to know. The LEGO games are always solid in terms of quality gameplay while lampooning the subject matter at hand. We’re sure LEGO Harry Potter will be no different to those that have come before it.

Demon’s Souls

Release Date: June 25th
Platforms: PS3
Publisher: Namco Bandai
Developer: From Software

Synopsis: Of course, true fans of From Software’s gruelling and grammatically curious Demon’s Souls (one demon, many souls? – go figure) will have already completed this game after importing the title from afar eons ago. Not that you’ll be able to talk to them to compare notes, of course, with most of the daring forerunners now likely taking up residence in rooms with soft walls and a nice pill lady who comes ’round thrice a day. A rarity among modern games, Demon’s Souls possesses a difficulty rating some consider “face-punching hard,” others having gone so far as to described its onerous mechanic of trial and error as the epitome of gaming frustration. Also renowned for its addictiveness, however, this is not an undertaking for those of an impatient disposition or, even worse, prone to destroying electronics in a fit of torment-fuelled rage. Looking beyond its universally accepted hardness, the game has also picked up some stellar review scores with, surprisingly, only Famitsu awarding it anything less than a (relative) 8/10. Perhaps the four guys subjected to its arduous charms were having a bad week, with the perpetual dying found within Demon’s Souls’ clutches literally sending them over the edge. It happens.

International Cricket 2010

Release Date: June 18th
Platforms: PS3, 360
Publisher: Codemasters
Developer: Trickstar Games

Synopsis: Unlikely to be found outside of England and Australia (where it will be released in Q3 2010), International Cricket 2010 is undoubtedly a niche title for lovers of the ball, bat and bad clothes sport. Not much else to say on this one. The cover is graced by England’s Stuart Board. There, how’s that?


Release Date: June 25th
Platforms: PS3, 360
Publisher: Activision
Developer: Raven Software

Synopsis: Postponed more times than a Gran Turismo launch party, Raven’s Singularity mixes the popular FPS genre with another fan-favourite – time manipulation. Utilising the TMD (think portable Lost island), players can regress materials and cause all kinds of temporal effects on environments and opponents alike. It’s possible Singularity will follow the mediocre and gimmick-laden path predecessors Timeshift and Fracture suffered from. Or this could be something different and intriguing. Here’s hoping it’s the latter. After all, it’s been given enough time to shine with the amount of polish administered over the last few months. This extra attention and the decision to launch in the usually-but-not-really-any-more quiet summer period could actually work out.

Transformers: War For Cybertron

Release Date: June 22nd
Platforms: PS3, 360
Publisher: Activision
Developer: High Moon Studios

Synopsis: It’s got huge robots fighting an internecine war on a doomed, metal planet. There’s deplorable villains and noble heros, all sporting kick-ass weaponry and cool-as-shit vehicular alter-egos. There’s multiplayer. There’s a Gears-esque cover system. By Unicron, it’s even got Peter Cullen’s awesome voice. It’s the game Transformers’ fans have been living and dying to play. We played it and we loved it. You soon will too.

PSP Essentials

Release Date: June 25th
Platforms: PSP
Publisher: Various
Developer: Various

Synopsis: Some more titles are also added to the PSP Essesntials budget range this week; namely: Avatar: The Legend of Aang, Ratatouille, Marvel Super Hero Squad, UP, Wall.E, Warhammer 40,000 Squad Command and Worms Open Warfare.

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Please note: while every attempt is made to get both the dates accurate and every applicable game included, we are not infallible and mistakes will be made. Feel free to mention any omissions or corrections in the comments below. We’ll endeavour to correct the above and even thank you personally. We’re good like that. Finally, all dates are the official EU dates. Actual release dates in your country may vary to the dates shown above.


  1. Riiiiidge Racer? I want that on the Go is it finally revealed? can’t wait for demons souls

  2. Picked up MGS: Peace Walker. Can’t remember the last time I bought a PSP game on the weekend it came out. This was well worth getting up early on Friday.

  3. Ha, they ought to take the region lock off the Demon’s Souls servers, then “that” boss would be even harder.

    • Which one?

      • Ooh, I can’t be giving spoilers away, that’d be naughty!

  4. All I have to do now, is wait for the postman to put my Black Phamton edition of Demom’s souls in the letterbox.

    • Tell me about it. I pre-ordered it a month ago and have never played it before. Everyone’s said it’s good so I’m really looking forward to getting the crap beaten out of me for a few hours straight. ^^

      • ssame ordered a month ago, never played it before, fancied a challenge

  5. Can’t wait for transformers! Oh and isn’t Naughty Bear out in the next week?

    • Nope. It’s out on the 29t.

      • I think at this point it’s safe to say it MIGHT be out this week.

    • Nope. It’s out on the 29th.

    • Yep – I saw conflicting reports of the 25th and the 29th. It looks like the 25th is correct though.

  6. Naughty Bear and Harry Potter for me. MGS4 has put we off MGS games. Might pick up some of the PSP essential games from the PSN as their £6.99 as downloads.

  7. You missed Naughty Bear, out Friday. Appaz.

  8. Can’t wait for Metal Slug XX!

  9. Hm I can get Transformers for my birthday next week, but I don’t know, I haven’t played AC2 and I got that for Christmas.

    • Don’t feel too bad. I’m currently playing a game I got for Christmas. Christmas 2008.

    • do it, i reckon it’ll be worth it. Looks to be the best transformers game yet by a mile. Some really great features :)

    • Could save AC2 and then play it just before the next one comes out
      Definately make time for it at some point though, great game.

  10. If you haven’t played Demon’s Souls yet, you owe it to yourself to go out and got a copy. I imported mine, and finally got the platinum trophy for it on the weekend after days and weeks of hard graft. Well worth it though. A thoroughly unique and rewarding game that everyone should try.

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