Jaffe Defends Twisted Metal Deception

David Jaffe, the man with the blazing underpants at E3, has defended his porky pies regarding Twisted Metal. You may recall he tweeted this:

‘By the way, I WISH we were making a new Twisted Metal. Making game you’ve already worked on is tons easier cuz your core blueprint is.’

Despite his nose growing to epic proportions, Jaffe has managed to explain his Tweet:


“That Twitter was an intentional misdirection to get people to think I was working on something else and not Twisted Metal.”

Jaffe also confirms something we have always known – when a developer will not comment it means “Yes we are making Twisted Metal/the PSP2/Killzone 4/Whatever, we just can’t tak about it.”

People say to me, ‘Well, you could have said no comment.’ I’m like, ‘No comment is the same as saying … it’s what people say when they don’t want to answer you.’

 Source: Joystiq



  1. Good for him. I think it worked brilliantly, noone had a clue a crazed clown in an ice-cream truck was going to burst onstage.

    • Exactly. Good on him. People didn’t expect it and when it happened, people were really surprised and genuinely taken aback. At least we can count on someone for not telling us months before.

      • I was very surprised when it went on-stage.

    • i think it showed how pointless twitter is…

  2. Strictly that first tweet isn’t even a lie, he just says he wishes he was making a new Twisted Metal… :)

    • I was about to post the same thing. He wishes he was making a new TM… and he IS!

      • “Intentioal Misdirection” sounds like “My pants are on fire” to me :)

    • But (and it’s a big but) he also said that he & his team won’t be in E3 and their game isn’t gonna be showed up..!! so basically he lied, not that I mind it, it was fun :)

  3. Finally, someone talking english!

  4. Yeah, good for Jaffe. Intentional misdirection is the only way to go about things these days, and I’d actually like to see more of it. Just flat out lie, if you want to. I don’t mind so long as you give us some great games at the end of it.

    Better yet, actually create a spoof game to develop (like Bungie’s Pimps at Sea) and just say that’s what you’re developing instead of saying “No Comment”.

    • as long as it’s not gonna direct or mislead customers to buy certain games or product I’m fine with lies, I love surprises.

  5. Fair do’s to the guy, he shouldnt HAVE to let us know anyway. And what he said was right, saying no comment is about as good saying “yes we are but we cant tell you right now son we’re gonna say no comment instead”

  6. The game looked good and all, but I was disappointed when it appeared as it’s appearance dashed the last hope of seeing Last Guardian at this year’s E3.

  7. The guy can’t type at all.
    The first Tweet made no sense what-so-ever,
    and in his last Tweet, he said Killzone 4 instead of Killzone 3.

    • He was talking hypothetically so he could’ve said Killzone 8 and it wouldn’t have mattered. ;-)

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