The 3rd Birthday Scans

We don’t do this nearly enough (and as I’m in charge today, I might just get away with it.) Here’s a few scans of Aya Brea from the Parasite Eve PSP version/follow-up/spin-off The 3rd Birthday as found in the latest version of Famitsu. Conscious that this will likely appeal to only a minute few of you, I’ll skip all the Japanese translations and simply promise that, if you do check out the images below, she’s naked in one of them. Seriously, boobs and everything.

The concept art of Aya in a New York laid waste is a striking image. I will translate the text here as it hints at something we haven’t contemplated before. Simply stating “Goodbye Aya Brea” could Square Enix be killing off the plucky cop-turned-world savior?

Source: MaikiLiveJournal



  1. You don’t see much though. I am disappoint.

    • You see enough!

      • Ewww, somebody get Kovacs a Kleenex and the number of a girl ! ;D

    • agreed, however, for 20 pence you can buy a star newspaper, check page 3.

  2. *tuts* Filthy boy.

    • This going on your smut watch report

      • I have to admit, as soon as I saw the subtitle “Boob alert” I immediately assumed it was a Tuffcub post. My apologies, it’s Kovacs who goes on the pervert register today.

  3. i really dont see the appeal of a psp. ive heard so many people say they only ever use them on long journeys, and i go on about 1 long journey a year

    • I use mines every night before bed, great little thing.

      • Nothing like a little Dead or Alive Paradise at bedtime eh?

      • Lol nice.

        Same here except I have been playing Peace Walker. Anyone up for co-op?

      • I hate that co-op is only on ad-hoc. No one I know has a PSP, except one who doesn’t use it much. My friends suck ass.

      • Unfortunately its only F1 2009 I’m playing, not quite as exciting as your suggestion :P

    • psp is useless to take outside because of screen glare.
      i only use mine at home to play the best rpg ever made, monster hunter freedom unite.

  4. “We don’t do this nearly enough”

    Probably because it’s illegal. :-)

  5. This game looks great

    • i was thinking that to. Iv not the foggiest of what its about, but all the drawings give the promise of a good game.

    • When Parasite Eve appears on the PSN. Get it.

      • What are the games about? also, is this 3rd Birthday game the 3rd in the series?

      • Eh … best bet is to check out this:

        And 3rd Birthday is not PE3. It’s a PSP spin-off though, technically, it is everything but. Kind of like how Peace Walker is and is not MGS5.

      • if they put parasite eve on the store i’d get it in heartbeat.

  6. Cani just point “Third birthday Boob alert” makes TSA look like a peado site…

  7. I’m really looking forward to this. I hope they’ll use the same mechanics as Parasite Eve 2.

    • Can I find the translations somewhere?

    • Anything in particular you want to know?

    • Well.. since I can’t read anything of it, it’s hard to point out which part I’d like to know more about. =P
      But is there anything in it about the mechanics it’ll use? Parasite Energy, battle system, weaponry?

  8. AWESOME! Day 1 buy for me.

    Also, they HAVE TO make a PE collection in HD and trophies, really.

    • I agree on the HD collection. Don’t mind about the trophies though, although it would be awesome to be rewarded for completing Nightmade Mode.

    • Personally ide like a proper ps3 sequel and an update to PE2, from what I remember of PE1 it was a completely different system to play… But if eather of them turn up on the PSN i’ll buy them, being as PE never appeared on the PS2

      • I’ll just be paying PE1 than. Already got the original version of PE2. Would buy it if my backwards compatable ps3 would break though.

  9. This game alone makes my PSP worth having. Loved PE2, shame PS1 was never released over here.

    • U didnt play the first one? even better than the second one, more RPG style and darker atmosphere.
      I imported it, one of my favourite games ever! And one of the best main characters too! :D

    • I also imported it. It’s far superior to PE2.

      • I really prefer PE2, I think that one was múch better. Liked the battle system much more.

  10. Hotter than Lara?

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