Killzone 3 Demoed On Jimmy Fallon

Check out what happens when the Helghast invade Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. Clue: one host who has no clue what he’s doing but seems to be having shed-loads of fun nonetheless. The footage, suavely narrated by Guerrilla Games’ Herman Hulst, shows off the previously seen on-rails Intruder sequence from the start of the game. Not much new here it seems, though we do get a few meagre glimpses of the oil-rig’s structure from Frozen Shores and how players can knock out struts, sending screaming Higs to a freezing, watery death below.

Moving on to a segment that showcases Killzone 3’s 3D (and jet-pack) qualities, watch as Fallon loses the plot entirely. He’s either genuinely impressed here or he’s one fine actor. And, believe me, I’ve been unfortunate enough to have actually seen Taxi. I’m thinking it’s definitely the former.





  1. Who is Jimmy Fallon and why does he always seem to get game demos, he was doing Kinect last week on his show…

    • Popular late night talk show host. Think Wossy but with better hair. And he’s doing a gaming themed week, hence all the gaming love of late.

      • Ah, that explains it then. Thanks for the heads-up!

        They should get Wossy to do a gaming themed week over here, it would be novel to see gaming get a bit of BBC prime time!

      • Wossy did have a go on Kinect a while back. He looked a fool so it was good.

      • ‘Popular’ might be pushing it. People watch because it’s on TV.

      • Wossy can’t do a gaming themed week, he’s leaving in a few episodes :{

    • I remember seeing him in the American version of Taxi

  2. Cccccoooooooolllllllll*drools*

  3. He seems to be very impressed. I can’t wait for this game, doubt I’ll have it in 3D though.

  4. me like

  5. I have to get my hands on some 3D action! Hopefully the prices of 3D TV will have come down a bit by Feb 2011!

  6. I can’t see in 3D. I’ll go cry in a corner :(

  7. Ohhhh can’t wait!

  8. I could afford a 3D TV by selling my PS3 but then that becomes like the Xmas story where those two people buy the others combs but then they’ve sold their hair to buy the presents.

    Why am I so poor dammit!

  9. I’m making a point of avoiding the Sony Centre in Edinburgh, even though I walked past it twice en route to the hospital last week. I know if it looks as good as Jimmy makes out, I’ll find some way to buy one!

    That said, I spotted some of the Samsung ones in Costco earlier today – fortunately there were no glasses kicking about, so I didn’t stop. They were showing that Monsters vs Aliens on it though – which was pretty enough simply on the 55″ screen, never mind in 3D.

  10. Can’t wait for this game to hit our shores next year.
    Killzone 2 graphics still relevant and sharp as other games despite being a few years old now

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