Last.FM Is A Timed Exclusive

Is there anything Microsoft won’t buy as a timed exclusive? It appears not, with the news that Last.FM is indeed a timed arrangement for XBox 360, the exclusivity deal expiring this November.

Over 2 million XBox 360 owners signed up for Last.FM on launch and speculation is rife that the company would like to gather another couple of million listeners via the PSN. Talking to Official XBox Magazine Last.FM VP, Orlena Yeung, hinted at new features for Last.FM on the console.

“There is a nice parallel between the community-driven experience at Last.FM and the gamer community on Xbox Live. I think we can create more experience where users are socialising their music taste across gaming and music. We will see…”

Source:  OXM via CVG



  1. PS3 already has VidZone and that’s fine as it is.

    • Yeah but they need to get some of the other big labels on board.

    • Vidzone is europe only so i would be nice if the U.S. got something.

      • Yes it would be nice if the US got something like Vidzone.

      • Yeh the US always gets left out!


  2. They need something like vidzone without the need for video and that loads really quickly. Iget bored waiting for vidzone. is a brilliant application, bring it on!

  3. Spotify?

    A LastFM or Spotify App which is supported by the games which support custom bgm would be good.

    In fact I think the PS3 would be a good base for a type of App Store, all sorts of things could be useful

    • Definitely bring on Spotify, it is a fantastic app! Have never found LastFM particularly useful though, it only seems to recommend music I might like as opposed to letting me listen to the music I want to listen to.

    • Yeah it sucks that you can’t use Last.FM as a custom sound track on the 360.


    No but seriously, I never really liked the Vidzone- thingy, simply because it took so much time and it didn’t have the songs i wanted. So Last.Fm on the PS3 would be great.

    • I agree with that.

      • +1 Vidzone does nothing for me, however would be great!

  5. Surely this will hurt the Vidzone market? I would have thought Sony would want to back that as far as possible.

    • Its a video thing…. Lastfm is like a place to listen to tracks right?

  6. I would rather see Pandora or maybe even Rhapsody on The PS3 to be honest.

  7. They brought as a timed exclusive …. money to burn

  8. Last.FM on ps3? bring it on, set it up with bands you like and just play your station, sorted ;)

  9. Vidzone is pretty good, but Id love Spotify even more. I always have Spotify running, cant live without it. Its simply brilliant.

  10. is it true that microsoft have yet again paided for another timed exclusive?

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