Fat Princess Gets Offline Multiplayer

This Tuesday Sony are releasing the “Fat Roles” add-on pack for the evergreen Fat Princess. The five dollar pack includes three new classes – pirates, ninjas and giants – and, more importantly, a new option to allow up to four players on the same PS3, which will massively improve communications and team planning, something the game has been blighted with since the beginning.

It seems that the new classes will be activated via a ‘multi-class’ spawner, which suggests it’s random which you get, but with the pirates having cannonball attacks, ninjas the ability to hide in the shadows and giants that can cause earthquakes, it probably doesn’t really matter.


The DLC will also be accompanied by a free patch (taking the game to 1.06) which will allow four-player same-console co-operative play, which is a most welcome new feature. Four players will now be able to use the same PS3 in both online and offline games, and the players will also be able to spawn at outposts, creating an almost Battlefield-esque twist to the tactics.

Patch 1.06 also adds clan tags, new Trophies and password protected games, so hopefully we’ll be getting in on the action here at TSA if anyone fancies a game.



  1. Hmm.. this sounds interesting. I think this will lure me back to stealing fat princesses, but now wíth friends.

  2. Let there be cake!

    …especially for me, ‘cos it’s my 18th :)

    • Let there be Beer! Have a good ‘un. :)

  3. Never played it. I was put off by the fact that it completely hinges on teamwork, yet there’s a total lack of headsets on psn. The same problem blighted the potentially excellent mag, making most games more about doing your own thing as opposed to working cooperatively to achieve objectives. Shame really.

  4. This is very welcome news, an already good game … made great, cheers nofi. (+ happy b-day ProjectJAY)

  5. my fatty princess im coming back to youuuuu…..sorry i went away i was aways i was shooting noobs in battlefield badcompany2 but now im back…..(um but not sure for how long though)

  6. This is brilliant news! I’m always in search of local 4-players, and this already great game just got better for me! Role on Tuesday.

  7. Wow, this will be fun. Didn’t they tease with pirates and Ninjas for a long time ago?

  8. This sounds like a much-needed update. The main problem with the game was lack of split-screen and slow, long games.

    Now we can do split-screen (and online no less!). Plus the outpost spawning should speed up games and add a bit more strategy.

    • Or of course, rather than adding strategy, it could just end up being sheer brute force, but meh.

  9. Not a huge fan but that seems a decent update.

  10. YES! I have been waiting so long to play this locally. But by the video it looked like you all had to be in the same part of the screen at all times. Which would totally turn me off of this DLC.

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