Jaffe Not Keen on MP Incentives

Ah, David Jaffe. We don’t always agree with him but we do tend to admire his candour.

The industry’s most outspoken designer has been at it again, taking to Twitter to explain his views on traditional levelling systems in online multiplayer modes. Basically, he doesn’t like the ranking system most games use these days.


The multiplayer systems for Jaffe’s new game – Twisted Metal – are still in development and he does stress that just because he doesn’t like it, that doesn’t mean they won’t make it into the final product. He’s not the only one working on the game, you know. Just the most outspoken.

So what are his complaints about it? He says “it dilutes the fun of trying to outthink your opponent and stay 2-5 steps ahead because you now have this higher/meta goal that can take your focus from the core experience.”

I have to say, I’m not personally a big fan of most online multiplayer experiences because of the way the rhythm of a game is totally compromised and the, often hopeless, task of trying to match abilities (and ranks) with people who have twelve hours a day to practice. So I can see where he’s coming from, what about you?



  1. What really irritates me is when you ‘rewarded’ with xp because you spotted someone or called in a helicopter. I much prefer the Halo system, if you kill someone you get a point. First to 25 wins and earns 1 exp point for winning.

  2. Liked the look of Twisted Metal but not aware of series before E3

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