Vanquish Trailer: Speedy Arse Slide

A new trailer for upcoming shooter ‘Vanquish’ from Platinum games has emerged and features a hero who appears to be the love child of Isaac Clarke and Master Chief. It also features a jet pack that allows our hero to slide around on his arse at high speed. I bet that chafes after a few hours.

Platinum games are determined not to make the same mistakes that occurred with witch ’em up, Bayonetta. The PS3 game was inferior and developed by Sega, not Platinum so producer Atsushi Inaba was asked if there will be any differences this time;


“Fundamentally, there are no differences between the two games,” he said, “And we are very well aware of the differences in the architecture of each of the different consoles. We just wanted to make sure the game was fitted to each. And certainly there are differences: the PS3 is kind of like a sports car that’s very high-performance and specific in its usage, whereas the 360 is more like a car that everybody’s driving. It doesn’t have the same range as a sports car, but it has more versatility.

In other words, the PS3 is an Audi – a sleek, curvy powerhouse but you couldn’t carry a fridge home from Argos in the back, and the XBox 360 is a Volvo – sensible, easy to use and you can get an months worth of shopping and two screaming kids in the back.

Note: Neither car allows you race around the M25 on your butt cheeks.

Source: VG247



  1. I’d say th xbox is more like a vauxall nova with one of those tacky body kits :P

  2. “Lovely analogy but “the PS3 is an Audi” isn’t fair to the PS3. It’s more a Marcos or TVR (but with reliability). :-)

  3. Doubt ill be getting this now. The gameplay just doesn’t appeal to me.
    And I would call the PS3 an Aston Martin, and the 360 a Toyota. lol

  4. Game looks cool, not heard anything about this and was quite suprised when i watch this vid, ill keep an eye on this!

    • same here. i’m not usually into sci-fi stuff, but this dose look good. Maybe a ‘rent it, buy it’

  5. That does look good, if a little arse-burn-inducing… can’t help but feel like the camera seems to be being adjusted by the player all the time which could prove annoying. Or is that just me?

  6. Not sure what to think about this game.

    I’ve gotta say tho, the slow mo effects are very nicely implemented.

  7. looks beauty…

  8. Looks bloody chaotic!

  9. Not temporal interference, dear god no.

  10. i can see nasty friction burns in that guy’s future. :o

    • and who is it that leaves barrels of high explosives laying around everywhere?
      don’t they have safety laws or something?

      • Yes I saw that and thought “Really? In 2010 we still have big exploding barrels, helpfully painted red?”

      • Bad guys hardly ever target them either – maybe they’re told that they’re colour coded red to indicate that jam is the contents.

        Another old videogaming staple that got me laughing recently was seen in Brink. Dunno if any of you ever looked used to watch the Start to Crate timed stuff at all?

        Brink excelled itself with container city, start to crate 00:00 and the entire level is made of them! Genius.

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