Split/Second Coming To PSP

Disney Interactive Studios have announced that their incredibly popular racer, Split/Second, will be released for the PSP and PSPGo (someone is still supporting it at least) this “holiday season”.

According to the press release “Split/Second for the PSP system will include unique handling and controls designed specifically for Sony’s premier handheld game platform. The game will feature an exclusive new track and challenges not found on the current versions. In addition, the game also includes four-player local multiplayer.”


Craig Relyea, senior vice president of global marketing, Disney Interactive Studios believes Split/Second “is the perfect fit for the PSP.”

All sounds good to me.



  1. Not for me this one- unfortunatley GT PSP put me off any racing game on the psp, i just couldnt get to grips with it.

    • I was on the train from London and actually fell asleep while playing GT on the PSP.

      • lol, it made me tired just looking at it too!

    • Not for me, the game is awesome on the PS3 but I reckon it would be too hectic on a handheld console unless you have Rubik Cube fingers or your Surname is Scissorhands.

  2. Sounds cool but i don’t have a psp.

  3. Im in…

  4. Racing games never rocked my boat but the new Motostorm looks good

  5. Darn, my fave racer this gen & my PSP will shortly be for sale

  6. looks good for a psp game might get it depends if its any diffrent to the ps3 version with the same tracks/cars etc

  7. Cool, just finished collecting all the golds on the PS3 version. Best racer I’ve played in a long time. Just picked up Blur, it doesn’t quite have the same “wow” factor.

  8. I’m interested – I’ve not played my PSP in ages.

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