Dragon Age 2 Announced (Again)

The rumours all started during EA’s fiscal results – it was there in black and white – ‘Dragon Age Title TBA’.  Skip forwards a couple of months and we reported that the E3 floor plan seemed to mention Dragon Age 2.  This information was quickly pulled and chalked up as ‘an error’.

The latest confirmation comes via a press release about Warhammer Online: Age Of Reckoning.  At the bottom of the page, nestled amongst all the usual jargon is this;


“BioWare operates in Edmonton (Alberta, Canada), Montreal (Quebec), Austin (Texas) and Fairfax (Virginia). Currently announced projects at BioWare include the development of ongoing downloadable content for Mass Effect 2, one of the highest rated video games of all time, Dragon Age 2, the highly anticipated sequel to 2009 RPG of the Year Dragon Age: Origins, and the story-driven massively multiplayer online game, Star Wars: The Old Republic.”

EA’s gamescom press conference is taking place on August 17th, and hopefully it will bring stack loads of pictures, trailers, a release date, price and demo.  Hey, it never hurts to think ambitious!

UPDATE: The August cover of GameInformer is none other than Dragon Age 2 – so I guess one might say the game is 100% confirmed!





  1. Still waiting for them to fix Awakening on PC. Unplayable ATM.

    • Still waiting for Awakening at PS3 store to become cheaper – it costs more than I bought the actual game for!

      • yes the price needs fixing first!!

      • I foolishly bought Awakening from the PS3 store. It was well worth it though. But if these rumours of Dragon Age 2 do turn out to be more than rumours then I will be very happy because I enjoyed Origins greatly.

      • I loved DA, but the PS3 expansion price is stupid :(

  2. ”Mass Effect 2, one of the highest rated video games of all time”

    of all time, my foot. I don’t get why people need to write down such nonsense from time to time.

    Mass Effect 2 was a successful game, I personally disliked it, but most of my friends enjoyed it. OK, so I admit it was highly rated. but it was nowhere near other rpg titles in rating of which nobody ever tells they were this and that of all time. there are good games and bad games. good games are remembered. let that be enough. sales and mass media rates don’t qualify a game to be either good or bad.

    • …Why on earth would they mention other games? It’s a press release for BioWare.

    • What?

      Dude, look at metacritic. It’s rated 4 of all time highest (for the 360 anyway). They didn’t say it was the best game ever, mearly that it is ONE OF the highest rated games ever. Don’t hate just because you personally didn’t like the game, you’re obviously in the minority there. You’d swear you never read a PR release before.

    • I assume they’re referring to metacritic rating, which is a publisher’s usual yardstick for these claims. It lists Mass Effect 2 as the 4th best game for 360 (the highest RPG) and 8th best game for PC (with the amazing Baldur’s Gate II being the only RPG higher.)

      Not that ME2 was an RPG, it was a Shoot ‘n Chat.

  3. Also, let’s hope that DAO 2 won’t have as many bugs as the original. I spent a serious amount of time on this game, and not only did it go through a period where it would crash repeatedly and you’d have to try to reload it three times before it finally worked, but then the patch to fix the crashing managed to screw up the Blight Queller trophy meaning I’ve missed out on a massively labour intensive platinum. Not too fussed though, was a great game I thought (platinum would have been nice though!)

  4. “2009 RPG of the Year Dragon Age: Origins” wasn’t Demon’s Souls 2009 RPG of the year
    Demon’s Souls 90
    dragon age origins 87

    • Depends on the site. I’m sure some site(s) chose DAO so they’re just going with that. Gotta love that PR Speak.

  5. Didn’t like Dragon Age at all, couldn’t see the appeal of Mass Effect either, even after trying it on both 360 and PC. I’ll stick to Elder Scrolls and Fallout for my western RPG fix (Bethesda fanboy alert). Of course I’ll take a JRPG over any of the above any day, FFXIII and Star Ocean are the best RPGs I’ve played this gen.

    • Well DA:O to me was kinda addictive and interesting at beginning to halfway, then almost at the end of the game felt almost repetitive. I agree that FFXIII is best JRPG, but with Star Ocean… no, I would say Resonance of Fate… well it’s you’re opinion.

  6. Great! Hated the first one, I’ll put this on the ‘never buy’ list

  7. Let’s hope the sequel can match the original.

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