Sengoku BASARA: Samurai Heroes Dated

Capcom has announced that Sengoku BASARA: Samurai Heroes will be released in North America on October 12th for the PS3.

What makes this game special is that it’s from the producer of Devil May Cry 4, Hiroyuki Kobayashi.


The game sees you play as one of more than a dozen samurai heroes across various 16th century Japanese battlefields.  It looks very ‘Dynasty Warriors’.  Capcom claims you will be able to take on hundreds of enemies and amazing bosses.

Every character has unique weapons that can be upgraded, as well as their own battle style.  Add in the deadly BASARA arts and the game is looking good.

No word on a release date for other territories, but we have sent the TSA samurai to hustle them for information.  Ignore the torture screams.



  1. but ninety nine nights 2 has battles with over one million troops, one million troops, WOW.
    i like a good dynasty warriors style game, and the odd not so good one too, shame i suck so bloody bad at them. :(

  2. So they’re not going to butcher this like they did with Sengoku Basara 1 (Devil Kings)? That’s good.

  3. Except Ninety Nine Nights 2 is bloody crap. Sengoku Basara is the real deal.

    • i just wanted an excuse to quote that guy from the e3 press conference, he was hilarious. :)

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