Rumour: PSP2 Hits Difficulties?

An interesting thread is up over at NeoGAF in regards to the oft talked about PSP2. According to the poster, the handheld has hit a bit of a stumbling block which makes it sound like it’s perhaps a bit too overpowered;

“It is now set for a CES showing, but it will almost assuredly be released at a later date. This isn’t due to the number of engineers mauled by moles yesterday, but because the Tegra 2 is massively over it’s promised power budget. In a segment that finds 5% overages unacceptable, Tegra 2 is 20%+ over power budget. That explains why Nvidia PR suddenly changed the focus of the PSP2 screed to avoid the word ‘phone’, but, luckily for Sony, the PSP2 does not have phone capabilities.

The power ‘whoopsie’ means delays and possibly spec downgrades for the PSP2, but we will have to see where it ends up. Between that overage and several showstopper bugs, Sony is said to be very miffed at Nvidia right now. Even the moles could sense that before they pounced on engineer after engineer. The scene in the streets is almost as bad as the scenes in the Nvidia meeting rooms when the Sony people come around.”

Obviously this is 100% flame grilled rumour at the moment, but it brings up an interesting point.  Does the PSP2 need to have a massive specification to succeed?  Do we need a battery munching, hand burning  leviathan with home console graphics?

Nintendo has bested every handheld opponent for the last couple of decades using devices that were always underpowered when compared to its rivals.  With the Nintendo 3DS already whipping up a storm, just what does Sony have to do to make the PSP2 work?

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  1. The Sony PSP has always been a contender. You can do anything the PS3 can do. Not to mention, using the remote play between the PSP and the PS3 is very intuitive. Nintendo can’t do that. The only thing Sony needs to do is to upgrade their wireless networks on the PSP and the PS 3 to wireless n. Because wireless B/G is ancient technology and very weak. Wireless N is much more better and faster.

    • Sod wireless N – my PS3 Slim has never had any trouble keeping up with my 10mb connection. However, the PSP needs an upgrade from the laughable B it’s currently using.

  2. how about just make it work?! Let me play games without breaking my thumb to use the stick and let me have something that will allow a decent control system for the odd fps that I would be tempted to play on it.

    As per graphics, the PSP-1000 had graphics comparable to the PSX did it not? So it is already easily capable of decent graphics, decent when it comes to a handheld anyway

  3. so there is a PSP2 confirmed but it’s been delayed from an unconfirmed appearance to a later unconfirmed date for an unconfirmed reason.
    By the way, Chuck Norris was gonna parachute from the moon and land on an aircraft carrier this Friday, but the drop has been delayed indefinitely due to the lack of Dr. Pepper in his lunar lander.
    lol the latter rumor is slightly less credible then the former. sorry for being negative. Rumors are starting to get on my nerves.

    • HAHA, that made me laugh pretty loud in the office, getting strange looks all round, LOL

      • I’m rather proud to have supplied that awkward moment.

      • The most awkward part was trying to explain it to my team and all of them just looking at me blankly and thinking, “FOOL”

  4. Although the current PSP is a great little handheld, I think its probably even at this point too powerful. As has been said already, Nintendo have succeeded hugely with comparatively underpowered but have managed provide an experience that is popular with the consumer. Maybe the PSP is a bit too hardcore? Sony should consider what is working currently with handhelds such as the DS, the iPhone etc and try to improve on it with whatever PSP comes next.

    Power is not the only thing that consumers consider, nor is it a replication of the home console experience on the move either, so it seems?

    • because some people like playing pixilated games with low graphics.
      credit to psp for bringing decent power to handheld form ….. and btw its not very powerful considering its got a 333mhz processor while smartphones have 1ghz.
      more psn features like trophies, dual thumb stick and atleast 720p resolution should make it very popular.
      sony’s success lies in marketing to the hardcore, i dont think the lack of casuals (compared to other systems) is a concern for them.

      • maybe, but being all things to all men/women certainly works for Nintendo. Agree with what you say about trophy support and the like. Didn’t realise that your average samrt phone was more powerful, though

  5. Stop concentrating on the power of the PSP2. Look to the mistakes you’ve made with the PSP and address for the new design. Look to the mistakes made in administration and management of games and address.

    Make it as easy as can be to produce a mini for the PSP. Look at the iPhone/iTunes business model for reference. It’s outperforming the PSP in the mobile gaming world.

    Finally, Sony, market the ****ing item! My god, push it properly and don’t stop. Assign a decent sized marketing budget and there’s every chance you’ll see the return. You constantly seem to be able to commit a bulk of your effort behind a single item at any given moment but rarely are you seen pushing all products concurrently.

    It’s the PS3’s turn at the moment but everything else suffers. Learn from this.


  6. “Bested” – Noooooo, please no American bastardized English in the articles, please no. It drives me up the wall!

    • +1 I hate the way new stupid words keep popping up that say nothing the existing ones don’t! What is wrong with saying ‘bettered’?

    • Well if im going to be pedantic (in which i am) it’s ‘bastardised’ (it’s the yanks that stick ‘Z’s’ in everything) ;-)

      • in which i am”

        Why the in, and i should be I

        Now that’s pedantic.

      • Sod! Also it should of been ‘I’m’ missed that one you bugger :P

      • Just a little known fact for you. Technically, the American use of “Z” is more English than our use of “S”. We used to use “Z” many years ago but then started using the French spelling for many words and now use “S” in everything. You can thank QI for that amazing fact.

    • Why do you hate Americans?
      Have they done something to you?

  7. Just give me a second analog stick.

    • This has to happen.
      For core gamers it needs 100% to have the 2nd stick, and to achieve any sort of mainstream breakthrough it needs to have the accessibility of touch screen and accelerometers and the other stuff

      • Just give me a Dual Shock with a screen jammed into it.
        Not pretty, I know… Probably not the most popular idea… But consider it. I miss not having all my trigger buttons (especially on PES).

    • if they dont have a second one, im not buying it.
      im surprised microsoft didnt see how much outrage having just 1 analogue stick has caused let alone having no buttons or no analogue sticks.

  8. I don’t really see why Sony are purported to be using a bog standard hardware package. It’s most definitely not something they’ve done before, so I’d say that’s pretty unlikely.
    Particularly when you take into account their love of hard to programme for systems.

    On the other hand, supposedly they’ll make it easier cos of involving developers in the design stages…

    Still, if Tegra2 is too hot and heavy, they’ll be giving NV a big kick up the jacksie to reduce its power usage for whenever the PSP2’s RELEASE is. Before that matters not.

  9. All they have to do is slap a Nintendo sticker on it… seems people’ll buy anything Nintendo chuck out these days…

    • Not me.
      I bought the SNES, was going to buy the N64, got sick of waiting so it was Sony from then on.

  10. They need to worry less about horsepower and more about accessibility (both for potential customers and developers) and an eco-system to back it up.

    Sony need to adapt what Apple have done and make it relevant for themselves, a 2nd stick is a 100% must do, as is touch screen, as is making the PSP PSN Store as easy to develop for and get on as the App Store

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