DC Universe Online BETA Registration

SOE has announced that registration for the DC Universe Online BETA is now open.  People wishing to participate are given the choice between the PC and the PS3 version, followed by the usual questionnaire regarding your game playing habits.

There is no mention as to when the BETA will start up, but with the retail release in November we can’t imagine it will be too far away.  Sign up here and become a hero!


This BETA will be very handy for those who are still on the fence as to whether the game will be worth the $15 a month subscription.

Source: DC Universe Online



  1. Maybe this one will work. I’m having a REAL bad time getting onto the FF14 Beta. I’m looking forward to this but it will have to be REALLY special for me to pay monthly.

  2. Good work, i’ve just signed up, hopefully be accepted.

  3. is this a game?

  4. I really hope I get into this beta. This was the one game Ive been waiting for since well, what feels like forever and then they broke out with the monthly charge and I couldn’t stomach the price. This beta is the last bastion of hope I have for this game because if it doesnt go down well I fear my beloved DC will flounder yet again in another video game outing.

  5. Its down….. D:

  6. Signed up for this, I normally hate the idea of subscription gaming, but if the game is good enough I am open to the idea.

  7. Just signed up, anyone have any idea how long it’s gonna be before we get confirmation emails?

  8. Signed up for PS3 version

  9. signed up! can’t wait :)

    will i get a d/l key or something?

  10. Signing up now … hopefully ill get picked!

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