Shank Gets Release Date

Bring it on!

Electronic Arts and Klei Entertainment have revealed the release date for the highly anticipated downloadable title ‘Shank.’  You will be able to get the PSN version on August 24th, and the Xbox 360 version on August 25th.

For more information about the game – plus some gameplay footage – click here.


  1. Great, can’t wait..

  2. PSN getting something before xbox? Must be a typo

    • EA and Sony are best friends now, don’tcha know?

    • I think this will be the US release date. US PSN updates on Tuesdays and I’m guessing that the xbla update day is still Wednesday.

  3. Did sony say millions for the 1 day exclusivity on this then?

  4. Did sony pay millions for the 1 day exclusivity on this then?

    • Billions actually :)

    • Twenty four hours exclusive, eh? Feel the burn! 360 owners will be crying themselves to sleep over this one.

      • Yeah, and then they’ll wake up and go download the game.
        The bastards.

  5. I was looking forwwrd to his until i read he ERSB description which seems to mply there is some sort of rape scene – “In one scene, a screaming female stripper is forcibly held down and overpowered by a man (e.g., “Denny likes it when you fight back, b*tch . . . Denny knows you want it. No one can help you.”) – and that pretty killed any thought of me buying it.

    • That does seem quite off-putting actually :/

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