Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow Coming October

Fans of non sparkly vampires will be pleased to hear that ‘Castlevania: Lords of Shadow’ will be hitting the shops sometime in October.  This 3rd person action adventure title looks good, and we can’t wait to find out if it can square up to this year’s big hitter – God of War 3.  We expect an exact date very soon.

In the meantime check out the game’s box art, courtesy of PS3Vault.  We wonder if this might change prior to release.

Source: VG247


  1. As a mahoosive MGS fan I should really try some of Kojima’s other games. Will take a peek at this. box art is ‘meh’ but I won’t pre-judge the game on it.

    • Kojima only acted as a consultant on this one. Kinda like Sean Connery in Highlander. He turned up, but didn’t actually do much.

      • but he done the other games, yes? so he’s had a similar role in this as he has in MGS Rising I guess.

      • I think the only games Kojima ‘created’ are MGS, Zone of the Enders, Boktai and some small other titles.

      • *cough* Snatcher … Policenauts … *cough*

      • connery was about the only decent thing in highlander 2, well michael ironside made a good villain, but most of the rest of the film was shite, especially the plot.

    • Yeah, I wonder to what extend Kojima is involved in this title.


    (You know it makes sense)

  3. I’m interested in this game, the trailers seem really solid and it has an amazing voice cast, plus it has a little pinch of Kojima too…

    Not sure about the boxart though, the back of someone’s head will hardly scream ‘buy me’ on a retail shelf!

  4. Looks a bit Dante to me…

    • Another Dante rip off is it

      • Dante as DMC – Cool
        Dante as in Inferno – Not Cool.

        Castlevania is the orignal to be fair, the rest take a lot of inspritation from this series.

        Super Castlevania on the SNES was amazing. Levels, Music, Atmosphere, Gameplay, at the time…it had it all…

      • Rondo of Blood is god like Symphony of the Night is beyond that

  5. As a huge fan of Castlevania on the SNES, I also love every MGS so for me this is awesome.

    Castlevania wasnt too bad on ps2, so i expect this to be up there with GOW, DMC and that reminds me, wheres my new Onimusha game…

    Theres another franchise that is waiting to make a huge comeback….

  6. I’m still a bit meh about the fact that the multiplayer Castlevania is only out on Live, it looks sweet. :c

    • I wasn’t surprised there’s hardly any Konami downloads in Europe….

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