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Sony Respond To Kinect Comparison Charts

Yesterday we published an article showing a Microsoft chart comparing the price of Kinect, Move and the Wii.

Now it’s time for Sony. Dual Shockers have got their hands on a features comparison chart taken from a media kit at the Sony Media Holiday Preview Event in New York this week.

As you would expect this chart does have a slight bias towards the PS3 and Move. A good example of this is the section “Secondary Controller” where the Kinect column simply says “No” rather than “N/A” which would probably be a fairer representation.

It also lists the PlayStation Eye camera as having voice command included. This may be technically possible but I’m yet to see this being used, and based on Microsoft’s E3 presentation Kinect will include voice command out of the box.

I don’t think I need to pick too many holes in this as I’m sure you will all do that in the comments section below.

Source: Dual Shockers


  1. lol my favourite is when it just says NO in the Rechargable batteries – Kinect box.

    • My favourite is ‘Buttons: No’

      I think they are being generous with the feedback though – it says Kinect has ‘audio feedback’, but this isn’t like the Wii’s feedback as it’s not coming from the controller. The controller itself offers no feedback – and if they mean that the screen offers audio feedback surely the PS3 does that too?

      They are also being generous with the Augmented Reality – I’m yet to see any (real) examples of Kinect doing augmented reality, for some reason you always seem to be represented as a ‘blob’ on Kinect games. But I assume it is theoretically possible, just like it’s possible for the Eye to do voice control.

      All in all I think it does a good job of reminding people the collective tech of Kinect isn’t as out of this world sci-fi as Microsoft like to pretend it is…

  2. Going to go home and open up my Playstation Eye and look for the rechargeable batteries in it….
    That chart seems to be more of a dig at Wii than Kinnect (apart from the buttons line that is)

    • The rechargeable battery parts are about the motion controller(Move) and the secondary controller(Nav Controller)

    • I actually found the opposite, i found it more of a dig at natal than anything else.

  3. I think this is a fair chart. I think they should include the ‘quality’ of the voice recognition and microphone aswell. But I suppose 360 would beat ps3 at that, that’s why they don’t mention it.
    Same thing with head tracking speed.

    • seems a lot more honest than that MS table yesterday. But they are just showing details on spec, if it was price, then i would assume some stupid comparisons like the 360 one

  4. It says “No” for Kinect being wireless, I don’t quite understand.

    • Doesn’t make sense.. that should be N/A, since there ís no secondary controller for the Kinect.

    • Quite simply, you still have to plug the Kinect thing into your 360. Plus if you don’t have the new model 360 you have to plug the Kinect thing into the mains as well I believe? 2 extra wires.

      • The wireless part is not about Kinect itself, but about the ‘secondary controller’, which isn’t available for the Kinect.
        So it has nothing to do about plugging Kinect into something.

      • Maybe the second player has to plug themselves in? :P

        I don’t know, I assume Sony are classing the Kinect device as a primary and secondary controller so their chart looks better.

  5. I can’t wait to see the specification table Nintendo come back with.

    • Nintendo don’t need a chart, they’ll just put out a release that says “$200 less and we got GoldenEye. Suck it!”

      • Aye. It’ll just have two words… “Sales figures”. Then a photo of all the top brass mooning Sony and Microsoft HQ.

      • psst Goldeneye there’s much more better incoming on the Wii….

    • Nintendo doesn’t have any reason to be insecure at this point.

    • Nintendo: “70 million Wii’s and 130 million DS’s Doo-dah doo-dah!”

  6. How long before Nintendo make a chart to show the wii being better

  7. Can’t believe sony have stooped so low as to be sucked into this. You don’t need to worry about the competition, just make sure you’re doing what you’re doing right.

    • Sony didn’t publish this as a reply. It was taken from from a media kit, which was, I think, already out before Microsoft came with their chart.
      Nice TSA Points btw. (Don’t respond, you’ll ruin it.)

      • Ruin what?

      • Sorry, didn’t mean to enter that until I’d finished! What’s the significance of 1337?

      • 1337 = l33t = leet = elite


        and in response to the article, ahh see Sony is also capable of marketting skew

      • Sorry Blayney, I still don’t get it mate. How have you turned 1 into an L, 3 into an E, and 7 into a T? And even then, that spells LEET, which isn’t a word!!!!!!!!!

      • @ Tony, Its the internet slang thingy, that seems to be poplular with the youngsters and geeks. It’s called LEET.

      • @tonycawley: Seriously? Either you’re a master of sarcasm, or you’ve been living under a rock which was under a boulder which was buried in a landslide sometime in 1999.

  8. “It also lists the PlayStation Eye camera as having voice command included. This may be technically possible but I’m yet to see this being used, and based on Microsoft’s E3 presentation Kinect will include voice command out of the box.”

    SingStar supports voice commands via the pseye I’m pretty sure.

    • Also, I think Tom Clancy Endwar could be played using voice commands with the pseye set up for voice input. I think.

      • Endwar did indeed, I played it a lot, and it worked magnificently.

    • It may do, I’ll try it out when I’m at home. As you use mics for singstar the PSEye Mic is slightly redundent

    • HawX also supports voice commands and works really well.

      Either way it’s a moot point, it’s not Move or Kinect that provide voice control, it’s just software driven and could be achieved with any microphone. The fact that the PS Eye has had a 4 microphone array since day one does kinda take the shine out of Kinect’s ‘new feature’ a little though.

  9. surely if kinect has audio feedback then so does move, assuming the audio feedback will be coming from the tv.

    • i was going to say they should have added a buttons row, but they have.
      pew pew :)

  10. I am gonna get Move…

    I have no interest in Kinect…

    • I’ll be getting Move as I have a ps3, however if I had a XBOX I wouldn’t be getting Kinect as from what I’ve seen of it so far it just doesn’t work properly.

    • Me too!

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