R.U.S.E. Moved Up

What exactly is the term for a game’s release being moved up? What if it was already delayed, but that delay is now being reversed a little? An undelay? Who knows, but whatever the correct word, Ubisoft have today continued their campaign of deception surrounding R.U.S.E., confirming the game for a 10th September launch here in the UK (rather than the previous date of the 17th). The game will arrive in the US on September the 7th, and mainland Europe on the 9th of the same month.

The World War 2-based RTS is all about confusing your opponent using trick units and bases, and activating power-ups that allow you to hide the progress of your troops on the battlefield or grant them special temporary abilities. R.U.S.E. features six playable factions, an extensive campaign and substantial multiplayer features, supports Ubisoft’s Uplay mini-achievements service, and has also been confirmed to support Sony’s Move controller, although whether this will be in the game at launch or patched in later is unknown.

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  1. Hope this lives up to my expectations. My gut says this should only really work on a PC…..fingers crossed the PS3 version does the business.

    • the new RTS tech demo for move looks very promising and if the motion sensors are embraced e.g. rotation zoom ect ect and used for gestures and or motion activated commands therefore freeing up buttons for more specialised functions then i can see that devices like move could surpass mouse&k or it might be shit

  2. Why do we always get them after everyone else?! It’s very annoying!

    • The UK (I assume you’re in the UK) gets games a hell of a lot sooner than a lot of other regions.

  3. If MS could persuade Ubi to support Kinect for this title it could be something very special. Voice control and merely motioning what you want to do.

    The move could work very well as a mouse but the lack of button could be a serious hinderance but without playing the game it is difficult to say for sure either way.

    On the flipside, Halo Wars and Civ:Rev showed how a controller can be used effectively for a strategy game but hat has taken over a decade to reach this level.

    • Kinect couldn’t be accurate enough, surely. Lovely idea though, fella. I have visions of you just shouting “DIE, BASTARDS, DIE!!!” and it throws all your chips in at once.

      • It would be accurate enough for that tactic ;)

    • “The move could work very well as a mouse but the lack of button could be a serious hinderance”
      i dont understand that part.
      the lack of buttons on the move?

      • Well a mouse doesn’t have many buttons (2 standard ones). Sure there is a keyboard for RTS, but isn’t that what the second controller is for…

      • I’m not entirely sure if the move and “other thing” have as many buttons as the DS3 and also how easy it is going to be to press multiple buttons simultaneously. Whereas a keyboard has a near limitless amount of hotkeys which is hugely useful for an RTS. For example I could assign build tanks to “shift + t” which doesn’t require going through any menus.

  4. Funny, this date has been confirmed to Gamestop months ago. Lucky guess perhaps.

    • same with GAME, it was the 10th when i pre-ordered yesterday.

      • Not the first time this happened. The date for Hot Pursuit was spot on and even then name. I knew about it weeks before the announcement, but I figured it was a mistake in the Gamestop system and it was a filler name, but apparently not ^^

  5. I bet the D-day victory was the result of Adolf losing to Churchill in a game of R.U.S.E. lol

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