Dragon Age 2 Video Shown

The lucky people over at GameInformer were recently given the opportunity to visit BioWare to see how Dragon Age 2 is coming along.  During the time there video was taken showing the early development stages including audio design, animation and combat.

Have a look for yourself but don’t be too harsh, it’s still got a long way to go;

Source: GameInformer



  1. Hmm.. I think it looks pretty good for a game still in development.
    Those sounds make me think the game is going to get a bit more of a horror kinda feeling. Not sure though..

  2. I know it’s already been said but I can’t stress enough people, this is pre-alpha.

    • There isn’t a studio I trust more to get right at the moment. BioWare are golden.

  3. Looks like they are using the 360 as lead-dev platform. Hopefully they are doing a proper job with the PS3 version. Origins was a massive lag-fest sometimes.

    • they were showing off the xbox version because it had the most bugs and graphical defaults in the first game. they are proud to have fixed it

  4. The planned release is March 2011, so they still got some time. I hope Dragon Age 2 has an open world like the Baldur’s Gate games or Oblivion, that would make it perfect.

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