Ferrari: The Race Experience To Be Download Only

System 3 has announced that the sequel to 2009’s SuperCar Challenge will only be available as a download via the PSN. The launch of the game in September is the start of a ‘dramatic shift’ away from packaged products.

“Having recognised the potential in digital downloads some 18 months ago, we have kept our powder dry, preferring to gauge market and consumer reaction while quietly planning a download strategy to steal a march on our rivals,” said System 3 CEO Mark Cale.

“Obviously we are not moving away fully from boxed product as we are committed to maximising our games across all formats – and Wii games, for example, are still only released as a physical product.”

“But we have been extremely proactive in working on a full digital onslaught for a long time and they don’t come much bigger than the first – Ferrari.”

The title, ‘Ferrari: The Race Experience’ will hit the PSN on September 16th; the price has yet to be revealed.

Source: System 3



  1. There! Join the fight against pre-owned games! =P

  2. Damn. It seems I’ll have to purchase a larger HDD for my PS3 now. Had to delete loads of stuff just to download Trine & Section 8.

    • Wish sony would allow games to be stored on an external hdd, even if they were locked to the console. ‘Digital only’ is going to max out a lot of already-upgraded harddrives. I have about 150gb left on my 320gb drive

      • Internals are much cheaper than externals though.

      • I have had a 40gb since I bought mine, never needed to upgrade lol

      • And it would be great if you owned more than one PS3. I have to download everything twice and sometimes what happens is it will all fit on my 80, but not my 60.

        @bilbo How the hell is that possible??? I’d assume you mustn’t have many games, because my HDD has around 20-30gb of game installs.

  3. Who would want to experience racing at ferrari after their “incident” last weekend?

    • It’s great, the cheat codes are on by default

    • I would….

    • You can be as good as you can, but Fernando will ALWAYS be faster. than. you.

  4. Lets hope its a better game than Supercar Challenge. Decent physics and handling (once you turned all the assists off and played in pro) but awful graphics, framerate, load times and an absolute lack of progression or anything interesting to do. Very 1-dimensional and disappointing experience (and I only payed £12 for it).

    If they’ve got any sense the new game will be £10-15 and maybe they might get a good few sales as people wait for GT5 to be released in November. Otherwise, no chance.

    • I wasn’t keen on Ferrari Challenge but enjoyed Supercar Challenges Arcadey Toca feel. You mention load times, but as a HDD downloaded game there shouldn’t be any problems loading with the new game.

      • Supercar Challenge was alot better, especially with all the driving aids turned off.

  5. I bought both Ferrari and SuperCar Challenge, but i wont buy this for the simple reason that both games were a mess when launched and it took months for patches to fix them. its a shame because they where good race sims of sort,

  6. Is this the same System 3 that have made us wait for Williams Pinball (PSP)?
    A game that was actually finished and ready for release over a year ago!!

    I won’t be bothering to invest any interest in the Ferarri game. It’ll probably be wasted. :-(

    • Its actually a company called Eutechnyx making this game, System 3 are the publishers.

  7. Cool but how much different will it be from the last two games? IMO they should do original tracks GT style that would be nice to see.

  8. A bit too real for me, I really didn’t enjoy Ferrari Challenge & Supercar Challenge

  9. Supercar challenge felt as though you were driving through treacle. Horrible understeer..

    • Depended on which car you used, what assist you used and what mode you played on. I can assure you that the Aston DBR9 with no assists in pro mode didn’t understeer at all….

  10. I sure hope it has a platinum trophy! I missed the first Ferrari Challenge, looking forward to this one!

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