Ex GRIN Devs Form New Studio ‘Whiteout’

Things didn’t turn out too well for Swedish developer GRIN.  Despite doing the pretty darn good Bionic Commando: Rearmed – their other major titles seemed to fail in most departments.  The console remake of Bionic Commando was met with a lukewarm reaction; and Terminator Salvation was just kerb stomped until it stopped twitching.  Subsequently they had to shut up shop.

Well it seems like they are back as former developers for GRIN have set up a new studio – ‘Whiteout.’  Presently the studio has several projects planned – including a title using CryENGINE 3.

Source: Destructoid



  1. Despite the critical panning it received, i actually enjoyed Wanted: Weapons of Fate & it had some really good mechanics for the slo-mo & bullet curving etc – In fact if they could have just fleshed the story out a little (it was a little on the short side), i am sure it would have done much better.
    The new Bionic Commando was actually pretty decent too, so interested to see what Whiteout come up with.
    (See how i didn’t mention Terminator Salvation? Oh wait…)

    • Agreedness, Wanted was rather good IMHO. Got a bit samey towards the end tho.

  2. I loved Wanted (both the game and movie, not the comics though) , if it had lasted longer than 4hours it might have had better reviews, and more people would buy it. Bionic Commando seems pretty good and I’ll buy it as soon as I have a chance. I still don’t know how can it possibly have sold less than Terminator.

    • Termianator was a super easy platinum… That’s why :P

      • Plus people who enjoyed the film will go out & buy the game regardless of whether it got good review scores or not, purely for the ‘nostalgia factor’.

        Not sure how they would have felt when it was not much longer than the film itself, didn’t follow the plot of the film & had the same 3 or 4 enemies recycled & repeated throughout the entire game though!

      • Well, most games have just two or four difrent types of enemies, but with difrent skins. Look at Uncharted1: you have light pirate, heavy pirate, light mercenary, heavy mercenary, and that other enemy near the end of the game. Look at CoD, the enemy only acts slightly difrent depending on the weapon, or if they have a riot shield or not. TBH I don’t know why would people buy a game just for trophies. If only they could be changed for some real Euros though…
        Anyway, if Whiteout comes out with a game with a cover system as good as Wanted, Split-screen gameplay (like in TERMINATOR) and great locomotion mechanics like Bionic Commando, I’ll buy it.

      • Wanted: Bionic Terminator?

      • wouldn’t the terminator be bionic anyway?
        or is it only bionic when it’s a human with artificial parts?

      • You raise a good point as i am simply not sure about the whole ‘bionic’ definition (i think it does refer to a human being melded together with technology though), but ‘Wanted: Bionic Terminator’ just sounded better than ‘Wanted: Terminator Commando’!!

        The latter just seems to infer that he doesn’t wear pants!

      • i don’t think i’d want to play terminator commando. :(

    • *Sighs some people would rather go for the worst game.

  3. CryENGINE 3 ? i’m in!

    • OMGz… Whiteout has got to release something spectacular then

  4. hopefully they can come up with something decent if they’re not tied to somebody else’s ip or a movie tie in.

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