Tech Demo Footage Of GRIN’s Fortress Surfaces

It seems like only yesterday we were talking about GRIN’s numerous lost projects. Probably the best known of these, Square Enix’s follow-up/spin-off to Final Fantasy XII, Fortress, is now back with the Japanese mega-publisher (status unknown). But with the dust now settled after the studio’s collapse, just how justified was the publisher in snatching back the property from the Swedish ex-developer? If this new look at some early footage of the game is anything to go by, we’re thinking the decision was a tad premature.


Of course, there’s not a lot going on in the below video, and, let’s face it, getting slapped with a fiery stick, riding chocobos and rotating a camera around some barren vistas can only illicit so much excitement, but there’s enough on display here to suggest that the project was hardly in dire straits.

Finally, we’re not sure how long the footage will remain on YouTube so, if the below video is now displaying a “Video removed due to a copyright claim by Square Enix”, sorry about that.

Source: Examiner