GRIN To Close?

Rumours have surfaced overnight that Bionic Commando developers GRIN are in trouble. The team behind Wanted: Weapons of Fate, Bionic Commando and Terminator Salvation have produced games that haven’t exactly always been well received or indeed critically reviewed, and this would be on top of heavy layoffs earlier in the year after the poor reception to Terminator Salvation and a report in June confirmed that GRIN have already closed their Barcelona and Gothenburg offices.

The rumours overnight concern their principle Stockholm office, with employees (according to Gamasutra) being told to “not to show up for work” with the company undergoing some kind of closing or bankruptcy procedure.  Despite the impressive PC versions of Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, GRIN have struggled to make much impact on the console scene despite attracting considerable development deals from major publishers like Capcom.  We’ll update if we get any further information on this story.