New Syndicate On The Way?

Syndicate, the bloody fabulous (and indeed fabulously bloody) game from the 90’s may be coming back. EA have just filed three new Trademark claims for the term ‘Syndicate’. Earlier in the year we discovered some early Syndicate concept art and way back in April 2009 Nofi reported a rumour that developers Starbreeze were working on a remake.

For younglings who were not alive in the 90’s, Syndicate was an isometric real-time tactical game from Bullfrog Productions. You controlled a team of four cyborg assassins which were used to rescue captured allies, “persuade” civilians and scientists to join the player’s company or kill enemy agents.

The game met with some controversy when launched, ‘This isn’t a game to use as a morality lesson for the kids — it’s bloody, it requires you to be ruthless, and some people may take issue with the use of drugs to control your agents,’ said COMPUTE! magazine – heavens knows what they would of said if someone had teleported a PS3 and GTAIV back in time.

According to the leak in 2009, the game will be launch on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC and work had started on the project back in 2007. Take a trip down memory lane with the opening sequence from the original game below.

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  1. What console/s was the original on?

    • The original was on PC
      and PSOne if I am not mistaken?

    • Amiga… 1993… created by Bullfrog.

      • Ah the good old Amiga. I still regret throwing out the old A600 because I got a SNES :(

        And I don’t think the Original appeared on the PSOne but I think the sequel, Syndicate Wars did.

    • wasnt it called SYNDICATE WARS?

      • It was originally on PC, anything else is a poor imitation, I believe they call it port nowadays…

        Syndicate wars is a sequel. It’s brilliant too, also on PC. It was on the ps1 too, it was alright but it was only alright on the ps1. It was brilliant the pc.

  2. Nice, if it plays like the original, with the same music, than it would be rather cool :D

    By the way, since when do we have two different PS3 consoles? ;)
    (…launch on PS3, Xbox and PS3…)

    • What about multiplayer, that would be awesome, than losing yourmate on screen, and just seeing a little arrow in the direction they had gone.

  3. i saved up for so long to get this on the megadrive, and was not disappointed. was toying with the idea of getting the vastly superior sequel (with rotating camera and ghost in the shell trailers on in game billboards) on PSone Classics, but I heard the PSone was an abomination compared to the PC version.

    • It was abysmal in comparison to the PC version, you’re absolutely right.

  4. I never thought I’d like the game so much but it was excellent. A new version would have me interested from day one. Hope it comes to fruition.

  5. I want a Freedom Fighters 2…

  6. Wasn’t this confirmed last year?

  7. i played the original but never finished it.
    i kept getting distracted by using that mind control thing on dozens of people and seeing how many i could get in a car.
    they were surprisingly roomy. :)

    • lol, that was cool, you and 60 mates armed with uzi’s piling out and opening up on some poor unsuspecting fool.

      • persuadertron iirc

      • yeah, the persuadertron and the gauss gun where my favorite weapons :)

  8. Ahhhhhhhhh I completely forgot about this game!

  9. This was the game that convinced me to upgrade from my Amiga to P.C gaming in the mind 90’s. The graphics (for the time) were astounding, and convincing the whole town to follow you, and then jumping in a car, driving off and killing half your followers never got old!

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  10. Please please please let this be true. Id sell a kidney for it to happen. Just don’t buy the ps1 off the store people, you will regret it.

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