Electronic Arts

Star Wars and EA – what game comes next?

Battlefront 3? Jedi 2? KOTOR?

EA’s E3 Conference Trailers

Co-op survival horror, Makeb and a Criterion racer.

Review: Dragon Age II

Thedas needs you. Again.

Dragon Age II Demo

It’s answered my concerns. What about yours?

Black Box Returning For NFS 2011

Hopefully it’ll be out right on time.

EA: We’ve Seen PSP2

“But we can’t really talk about it.”

New Syndicate On The Way?

Please, please, please, please, please, please.

Get Fit With EA

On PS3, Wii and iPhone.. but not XBox.

EA Signs Project Mercury

An R.P.G with Ped.I.Gree.

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