Battlefield Will Surpass Call of Duty Commercially, Boasts EA

Activision’s Call of Duty franchise is the king of the first-person shooter genre, at least by sales volume anyway. But Electronic Arts hopes that can all change with the help of their Battlefield franchise, which is why the war of words between EA and Activision will not stop.

EA predicts that the days of Call of Duty dominance are numbered, and it’s only a matter of time before Battlefield takes the retail crown.


Speaking to MCV, EA’s European senior vice president, Jens Uwe Intat, was confident that the superiority of Battlefield 3 over Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will be enough to turn the tide. “Certainly. The only question is when that day will be… And for me, the sooner the better.”

“With Battlefield 3 we have a superior games engine and top notch product. We are convinced that we will, in fact, have a better product than our key competitor.”

So how does Activison view the threat of EA’s Battlefield to their commercial supremacy? The company’s CEO Eric Hirshberg told MCV that they do not “pay much mind looking at what the competitors are doing”. He goes on to say that he believes “EA talk about our games in the press more than we do.”

Well it appears that Activision have every confidence that no matter how hard Electronic Arts try, they will still sell more Call of Duty games than EA can of Battlefield, and they’re not going to let their lead slip so easily.

We guess we’ll see who really is right when Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 go head-to-head this November.



  1. I still think that, within the general public, Call of Duty has more brand recognition, and is destined to sell more. The first Modern Warfare hooked people in and it’s almost peer pressure to get it again as people’s friends will get it as the go to brand. I’m really interested in the new Battlefield, despite not playing the previous 2

  2. I sincerely hope that beating Call of Duty doesn’t require altering the gameplay that makes it so great to us long-time fans.

    I’m confident that won’t be the case, but it will be interesting to see exactly what it is that is more important to the core pop-fps market; the name, the gameplay, or the marketing?

    • Oh and roll on tomorrow/Monday for a BF3-info explosion! (I hope)

  3. out of the videos I have seen for the 2 B3 feels better so far but its early days.

    • I agree but the Battlefield trailer looked immense and awesome than CoD, but again like you said its early days.

  4. I’m really looking forward to both games, but I seriously doubt BF3 will be able to rival the COD fanbase. Even the name “Call of Duty” is more widely recognised. The COD franchise has seen sales and records broken time and time again, and I can’t see BF3 breaking those records.
    And, this just goes to prove a point made by Activision earlier (, EA seem to mention COD whenever they talk about BF3, seems weird to give your competitor free publicity imo.

    • This whole rivalry reminds me of the dominance of PES vs Fifa and even though there were so many PES fans, the Fifa fans just grew and grew from newcomers to people switching ‘sides’. I know that EA believes their product will one day be the fan favourite and then it’ll be Battlefield that takes the FPS crown.

  5. I will get battlefield knowing my friends will have the latest cod and I’ve got black ops, good enough for me!

  6. EA are too pre-occupied with beating Activision. A very easy way to forget about your consumers.

    • Exactly.

    • Yes, but Activision don’t keep an eye on the competition which results in a consistent re-hashing of the series with no noticeable improvement over the previous game.
      You should always be aware of the competition otherwise they’ll overtake you when you were too absorbed in your own world!

  7. Hmm people will buy MW3 though.
    The COD maps, guns, menu, UI, gameplay has always been funner and better than Battlefield though.

    • Wait, what?

      Maps – Battlefield maps are 10x bigger than Call of Duty maps. In COD, you must follow a single certain strategy in order to succeed on a particular map, whereas in Battlefield your options are much more open.

      Guns – Sure Call of Duty may have more infantry weapons, but does COD allow you to send a deadly shoal of FFARs screaming into an enemy building, or tear through an enemy squad with a mounted .50 cal, or rip through soft vehicles with a Vulcan Air Defense System, or bunker bust with a monster Hellfire missile? Besides, all the weapons in COD feel the same to me, no recoil or kick it’s just spray and derp.

      Menu – I prefer Battlefield’s menu over that of the CODs, but does that really matter?

      UI – BF gives more situational awareness in its UI I find, essential for teamwork.

      Gameplay – COD’s run’n’gun can be fun but for me the deeper and more satisfying gameplay lies in the teamwork and tactical options offered by Battlefield.

      Having said all this, it’s just an opinion and I wasn’t trying to hate or anything :)

      • You seem to be a Battlefield fan.

      • I played BFBC2 and the maps all looked the same and the gameplay wasn’t as fast, sure I loved the idea of using vehicles but no killcam( can’t remember if it had killcam but I don’t remember seeing it) and no decent maps made me go back to MW2.

        I just love MW2 maps like Highrise, Skidrow, Terminal, Favela etc, Small, fun, different and not too big so I don’t have to spend minutes finding an enemy.

    • Nothing funner? – I played some awesome BC2 games with the Ausforces clan last night – playing in a tight squad all with mics on – nothing was funner. I got told off for waking my wife up I was laughing so hard!

      • @GamingBlueBoy – heh, yep! :)

        @Awayze – There was a killcam, but it showed your killer prancing around after the kill rather than the kill itself. That was one thing about the game that I did really dislike. And fair enough about the maps thing, although I will take looking minutes for an enemy over a constant rush of them, it just feels too hyper to me.

        @bobandbunny – This. Teamwork does an awesome match make.

  8. you gotta give em credit, they talk a big game, but much as i dislike it, call of duty is the 800 pound gorilla of gaming.

    but i would love to see that pie spread round a bit.
    it’s not good for the industry as a whole for one title or publisher to dominate like that.

    • I agree, I just hope that BF3 can get a bigger slice without making sacrifices to what makes it so great.

      While very similar in fundamental ways, the two franchises are very much different beasts as it stands, and firmly have their own fanbases that do overlap but not by a great deal.

      However I worry that from a business point of view; persuading people to buy your product because it’s different is a lot more difficult than persuading people to buy it because it’s the same….but better.

  9. Bf3 preordered. Mw3 will rent for campaign.

  10. I’ll probably get BF3 and MW3 on PS3 and BF3 on PC at some-point (or just rented) just to see how beautiful it looks.

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