Lloyd Webber DLC For Lips

Andrew Lloyd Webber is famous for two things. Firstly, looking like a recently deceased toad and secondly, writing the odd good tune. I guarantee you know at least one of his songs, I just have to type ‘Don’t cry for me..’ and your brain automatically adds ‘Argentina’ to the end. I can perform the same mental trick on older TSAins by simply typing ‘Memories..’ yes, that’s right, ‘All alone in the moonlight.’

You may think his musicals are a pile of fluff  aimed at middle-aged ladies but there is no denying his songs have permeated popular culture and it is no surprise that his tunes have eventually appeared in a karaoke game, Microsoft Lips to be precise.  Six tracks are to be released and they are:

  • August 13th
    Memory – Elaine Paige (Cats)
    All I Ask of You – Cliff Richard & Sarah Brightman (Phantom of the Opera)
    Love Changes Everything – Michael Ball (Aspects of Love)
  • September 10th
    Don’t Cry For Me Argentina – Elaine Paige (Evita)
    The Phantom of the Opera – Steve Harley & Sarah Brightman (Phantom of the Opera)
    Any Dream Will Do – Donny Osmond (Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat)

Sadly there appears to be no mentionof my favourite ever Andrew Llloyd Webber tune, Tetris. The Lord created a cover of the classic Tetris theme, added some Boney M style rapping Russians and a pretty large chunk of ‘Get Ready For This’ by 2 Unlimited. Check out the video..

Source: MCV


  1. Just because I KNOW ‘Don’t cry for me Argentina’ does NOT mean I like it.
    Tetris is the first single I ever bought and I remember being genuinely annoyed when I found out he was behind it, haha

    • they should do Tetris too, just do dooing it.

  2. Wah, that tetris news has ruined the song for me now. Thanks

  3. nothing from Hair? :(

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