PES 2011 Beta Registration Open

Konami is now allowing gamers to register for an upcoming Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 beta.

The beta is due to kick off (pun intended) this coming Tuesday morning, and will be available to a select few chosen Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 owners.


The focus of the beta will be on the new Master League Online feature, which lets players build their own team and compete against other teams online.

Many claim that Pro Evo has lost its way over the last few years, allowing EA’s FIFA to put the boot in (woohoo, more puns!) – this may be your chance to leave feedback and help set things right.

Click here to enter.

Source: Gamerzines



  1. Also applied hope to get in.

  2. hopefully online will be much smoother and they fix the broken penalty system and get no button delay

  3. I would give anything to get in on this!
    *Hopes PES are reading this*

  4. Thanks for the heads up Dan, hopefully I get in.
    I hope they’ve sorted out the online issues as they need to give Fifa some much needed competition and regain some credibility.

  5. Great. PES ‘was’ the best. This might evan things up a bit.

  6. Thanks , i enjoyed PES 2010 . I get them year about now so I can see some kind of difference with the 2 years .

  7. Done. Let’s hope that I get in.

  8. Registered, but Im a FIFA person! Will always buy FIFA due to its licenses and presentation. And the small matter that its just better!

    • licenses and presentation, afraid thats where it stops
      ah the passion & friendly banter
      part of the game, whether its on consoles, terraces or on the pitch

    • But you still registered.. ??
      Thats like saying you would date an ugly girl just so you can tell all your friends how ugly she is..
      I’m praying you don’t get your hands anywhere near this Beta..
      (not that PES is an ugly girl….. She’s been slightly disfigured these past few years.. But hey, I still love her)

  9. Registered and fingers crossed!! ;)

    I know I’m in the minority nowadays, but I still prefer PES over FIFA, and would be keen to see how the Master League works in an online environment.

  10. Registered. I miss the master league back on the old PES games when it was good. Master League Online sounds interesting, hopefully the extremely laggy online is fixed.

    • have a feeling all pes fans new & old
      are in for a pleasant surprise this yr

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