New Killzone 3 and Infamous 2 Trailers

Sony has uploaded the Gamescom trailers for two of next year’s big titles, Killzone 3 and Infamous 2.

The Killzone 3 trailer gives us our first glimpse of the game’s multiplayer mode, with footage from the game’s Corinth Highway map. You can see jetpacks and exoskeletons (apparently “the first of several player-operable vehicles in Killzone 3”), as well as what looks like a revamped abilities menu on the left of the screen. Oh and it looks gorgeous, naturally. The PlayStation Blog also reveals that the sequel will have two new game modes, while also touching more upon the brutal melee attacks shown in previous trailers and better matchmaking. As expected, Killzone 3 also ships with a whole heap of unlockable rewards and ranks.


The Infamous 2 trailer is a bit different, showing frozen scenes of destruction in the game’s New Marais, all accompanied by “Land of the Rising Sun”. If you squint at the end of the trailer you can also see that Cole appears to have lost all of his hair again, after the reception to “Rainbow Cole” at the game’s announcement.

Both games are currently pegged for a 2011 release, with Killzone 3 due in March.

Source: EU PlayStation Blog (1,2)



  1. Hooray Bald Cole again!!!

  2. Way to go everyone, Cole is ugly again.

  3. was it me or did killzone seem faster paced?

  4. that’s “House” of the Rising Sun

  5. Wasn’t Killzone 3 confirmed for a “February” 2011 release?

  6. KZ3 – EPIC

    Help too many great games, brain frazzling……

  7. KZ3’s online is looking way better than KZ2’s, i loved KZ2’s mind

    The infamous trailer looks ok imo

  8. Can’t wait for inFamous 2. gonna have to play Killzone 2 soon, so I can fully enjoy the third.

  9. I can’t seem to jump on the KZ bandwagon. I want to like it but can’t find something to justify it…

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