PlayTV Live Chat On The Way

We were expecting some form of new PlayTV information from Sony’s Gamescom event, and we got it in the form of “PlayTV Live Chat”.

Apparently Live Chat will add community features to the app, including (unsurprisingly) live chat, as well as programme recommendations and the ability to share what you’re watching on Facebook.


Sounds like a software update for the existing hardware, but we’re waiting for more details from Sony.

Image credit: VG247



  1. who the hell wants to see or know what other people are watching for gods sakes

    • It’s still one up from sharing trophies on Facebook. ;-)

  2. Facebook: “JaffaMan24 is watching Filthy Funtime on Babestation”*

    Great, so my PS3 is going to rat me out!

    *i don’t watch it as it’s full of mingers – but you get the point!

    • How do you know its full of mingers if you dont watch it ;)

      • ummmm research? Yes research about errrrr tv phone in channels.

        (i thinked that convinced him…didn’t it?)

  3. Wonder if this will work like Sky’s chat feature on Xbox? and if so its a really cool feature, but I can only see it being of niche attraction

  4. One (quite major) question: WHY?

  5. no mention of hd then?
    you can get hd freeview boxes now so they can’t use the “specifications aren’t final” excuse any more.

  6. C’mon Sony. Nothing about HD? Not a happy bunny :(

    • They said that they are looking into HD possibly for the future.

  7. Does this mean live talking chat or typing chat ps3 style? Wish they would bloody sort this out once and for all.

    • Typing chat PS3 style, which will either be overlaid on the picture or in a seperate area of the screen.

  8. Just give us DVB-T2

  9. Live chat? it shows tv shows … so i dont get it :S

  10. Hmmm, what do I want more, live chat or series link?

    • Well you will be pleased to know that series link will be coming in that same update that brings chat.

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