PlayTV Updated to Resolve Crashing Issues

Not a day after my very own post in which I described the constantly crashing and now lumbersome PlayTV as “a poor shadow of itself” and a “deteriorated, outdated shell of a piece of software”, Sony have released an update which should alleviate or resolve some of the issues.

I’m confident it’s just a strange coincidence, since people have been complaining about it all over the internet for the last several months, with a forum post on the topic spanning sixty pages and going back to last August.


There’s no new features per se but in the above post, Online Support Co-ordinator who goes by the name of SuperFastZombie has confirmed that this update “has been released to address the issues you guys have been having.”

The community reaction seems positive so far despite a few issues remaining, so if you’ve been plagued by PlayTV’s issues then go ahead and fire up the software and go to Settings and click on Software Update to download and install the 88mb patch.

From my own experience, viewing and deleting items in the library (which was my main issue before) seems to be much faster and less prone to crashing, although going back and forth to the XMB is still a bit slow.

Now that you’ve fixed this, Sony, how about PlayTV HD for PS4? I’m sure you’re listening.



  1. The power of TSA.

  2. It seems Sony have the power to see into the future at the moment, and are using it to their advantage. Or things are just nicely slotting together for them.

  3. But what if the PS4 has a successor built in…, wouldn’t take that much based on the weight of PlayTV… I’m sure it’s just a box to convert an Ariel into a USB cable.

    • The box has the DVB-T tuner in it to decode the signals. A new one would have to have DVB-T2 built in to receive HD signals in the UK.

      Building a successor into a PS4 is feasible, but fairly unlikely given that the three main regions have different broadcast standards, with ATSC in the US and ISDB in Japan, so it would triple the number of SKUs needed to cover the globe.

      It’s the same reason why the Xbox One has HDMI pass-through, rather than building in satellite/cable/terrestrial capabilities. It would create loads more versions of the X1, and require far more direct development time alongside the variety of cable and satellite providers.

  4. I never bought PlayTV due to the lack of HD, but if they bring a HD version out for the PS4 I’ll be all over if.

  5. Really glad to see there’s an update. PlayTV is great, but really has been getting rough over the last few months – throwing up ‘unable to initialise tuner’ errors whether in use or not, corrupting recordings or recording them at awful framerates, crashing at search, crashing when doing stuff in the library, crashing while exiting, sometimes even locking up so the only option is to pull the plug. Really hope they’ve finally figured it out, sad it’s taken so long. How does software just get rubbisher over time with no changes or updates anyway?!

  6. Damn you, Blair. Why didn’t you post that sooner? PlayTV would’ve been fixed years ago!

  7. The only thing that kept me from getting this was the fact that it uses DVB-T, which my TV has built in but I’m not getting any channels. If it was DVB-C I’d have been all over this.

  8. Wow, either a huge coincidence or Blair has some serious clout. Let’s think latter! ;)
    Always wondered why nobody on my friends list had PlayTV showing under their XMB avatar for months, whereas it used to be rife!

  9. Took them a while, better late than never I suppose.

  10. I must’ve just been lucky as I’ve never really had any hassles with PlayTV…….not that I was on it all that much anyway. I’ll be recording the Champions League Final & the Scottish Cup Final tho :)

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