Rumour: Force Unleashed III Cancelled?

If rumours are to be believed then LucasArts has cancelled The Force Unleashed III before the second installment has even hit the shelves. Staff working on The Force Unleashed II will also be shown the exit door once it ships, apparently.

This is all according to Kotaku’s sources who also revealed that “morale and productivity are at all-time lows” since Paul Meegan took over as President two months ago. If the next revelation is to be believed then that wouldn’t be a surprise as Kotaku are reporting that staff working on the PSP version of The Force Unleashed II only found out the game was cancelled through gaming news websites.


One unannounced game due for release next year has apparently be spared the axe, though it has been “put on hold” and developers have been told to “expect management and reporting changes”.

If you thought that was the end of it you’d be wrong as external developers will also be hit as Meegan wields his light sabre at everything in sight. Apparently the majority of external development of LucasArts properties will end. The Old Republic MMO developed by BioWare will be the last game developed externally from Lucas Arts.

This would mean this year’s Lego Star Wars would be the last developed by Travellers Tales. Where this leaves Star Wars Battlefront III is anyone’s guess. After the problems with Free Radical and now at LucasArts, I have to wonder if we’ll ever see the franchise again.

Source: Kotaku



  1. I find his lack of faith disturbing. *Force chokes*

  2. Nooooooooooooooooooooooo TT are awesome with Lego games

    • I’m really hoping that Disney let TT make some Pixar based Lego games as Lego have released Toy Story lego and Cars duplo.

  3. That is pure evil!!! they should fight back and maybe become the rebel alliance!

  4. I seem to recall not long ago that Lucasarts were going to stop in house and move development to external studios. Odd they changed their minds.

  5. This is LucasArts alright.

  6. Maybe it’s just a ruse, and unexpectedly they’ll show us the force of their fully operational battle station!

    • Nah, ruse is a completely different game!!! ;p

  7. to misquote Admiral Akbar:

    It’s a Crap!

  8. So, the guys working on the PSP version carried on working, even though the game was already cancelled? That’s the most retarded business decision making I’ve ever heard, and I refuse to believe eit’s true unless an official source says so.

    • Yeah, something is up with that. No, company would pay employees to do nothing.

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