DC Universe Gamescom Trailer

Though significantly lacking in the CGI goodness department, at least this new trailer of SOE’s DC Universe Online MMO is representative of the game’s actual gameplay. Highlighting the outlandish powers on offer to those who sign up for superhero/villain duty, the trailer also showcases the game’s good versus evil dynamic. Will you be a saviour? Or a destroyer? More importantly, will Catwoman let you touch her tail? That’s the big question I think we all want to know.

Source: Official EU PlayStation Blog



  1. I just messed my pants…..

    • why do people keep posting stuff like that?
      the words “too much information” mean anything to you people? :o

        Anyways, DC Universe Online is going to be TOTALLY epic!
        It’s a shame it’s £7.99, if it were £4 rather than £8 monthly, I would’ve pre-ordered it =1

  2. Looking forward to this game, looks even more amazing each time I see it, although I’d love it even more if a Marvel game was announced along these lines.

  3. Awesome looks far better than Marvel Ultimate Alliance (It is still a good enjoyable game)
    Looking forward to it

  4. I don’t get this game, to me it looks rubbish in all honesty.

  5. Love the DCU, shame its an MMO, refuse to pay monthly, and don’t have the time to justify the cost

  6. i’d let catwoman touch my tail.

  7. Looks pretty good, with all the other releases though don’t think i’d be able to play it online enough to justify the cost each month.

  8. looks great cant wait until its released….wish i was in the beta

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