Dragon Age 2 Gets A Release Date

During the EA press conference at Gamescom, as well as announcing Mass Effect 2 on PS3, BioWare also released a new trailer and release date for Dragon Age 2.

The game will be coming to PS3, 360 and PC on March 8th in the US, and March 11th in the UK, and if you’re not entirely pumped for it, check out the new ‘Destiny’ trailer we’ve embedded below. Dramatic.


Source: Siliconera



  1. I’m loving todays Bioware related news stories! I’m looking for to this! :)

  2. Storming trailer with some beautiful motion capture and choreography. Should look great on YouTube in 720p *goes to check*.

    Cheers Josh. Top stuff.

  3. NICE!! this is one of the must buy games!! :O

  4. Very snazzy, never entirely felt fulfilled by DA1 but as with anything Bioware related, I’ll certainly be maintaining a watching brief over this.

  5. is it me or did the music sound a tad like MUSE at times?

  6. March is the new pre-Christmas. Anyway, I’ll pre-order this. Also a really nice trailer :)

  7. that voice flemth?!

  8. I had already pre ordered this on shopto the minute i found out about this, i lurve evryfink DA as a result have got every piece of dlc i could get me southern/northern hands on :)

  9. Will pre-order when special editions are announced

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