Is The End of Yakuza Nigh?

Sure, Yakuza 4 might only be coming to the west next spring, but Sega Japan are already teasing the next major entry in the series – and it could be the last. A mysterious ad appeared in this week’s Famitsu, showing a destroyed city, a PS3 logo, and the words “The End”.

Announced back in June, barely anything is known about what could be Yakuza 5 but a reveal is expected at the upcoming Tokyo Games Show. The ad depicts the main series setting, Kamurocho, after what looks like some kind of natural disaster.

As to whether the next game could actually mean the end of the series, it’s certainly possible. Sega have already revealed that the game will feature Kiryu Kazuma, Goro Majima, Shun Akiyama and Ryuji Goda as playable characters, all of which have appeared in previous games – the finale could bring them back together one last time. On top of that, should this next title be released in 2011, it would mark the seventh in the franchise in just over five years. Maybe it’s time for it to rest.

More information will be revealed about Yakuza Next as well as the PSP spin-off Black Panther at TGS next month.

Source: Andriasang


  1. 1st!

    • Wow. That comment was soo great? i mean, it was so inline with the topic of the article -.-”

      Anyway. I’m not too fussed about Yakuza, i remember playing one on the ps2 which was great, but after playing the demo for the the newest Yakuza game, i didnt care too much for it, the way the character moved seem very, square, if that makes sense, so to me i feel as though it hasnt moved on along with the rest of newer titles.

    • OMG. Who is this Hullian_hero_95.
      Your clearly a genius. Who would have ever thought about putting that into the first comments space on an web article.
      I know you might be a bit slow so I’ll tell you that I’m being sarcastic

    • I thought this sort of spam is not tolerated here on Tsa?

      • Me too, it’s very rare I see this type of thing on TSA, but I’m sure Hullian_Hero_95 is now thoroughly embarrassed about his outburst!

        As for the article, I’ve never played a Yakuza title – but ‘Sega’ + ‘seventh in the franchise in just over five years’ makes me question the quality. I know that they print money in Japan though so I doubt it’ll be the end for too long!

      • Because he’s a cock?

    • Dang he beat me to it

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      I don’t know how to thank you.

    • 14th! Have it, bitches! :-P

  2. Blimey, I am still working my way through 3 and they are already prepping 5 for release next year.
    I better get a move on.
    A great series though. Shame it has to end (if that is the case).
    They sure have packed alot of releases into a short space if time though.

  3. 3rd!

    just kidding :) not even played this series yet, worth a go?

  4. 7 titles in 5 years! That’s shameless!

    • It is indeed, the last series to be flogged to such an extent, to my mind was Tomb Raider, pre 2000. And even Eidos only managed to push out 5 games in 5 years. The complaints of the series not feeling like it has moved on do not surprise me, they were a complaint frequently made of the TR series. Still that is what happens when quantity is put above quality.

      Personally I enjoyed Yakuza 1, but Yakuza 2 never seemed to come and I bot bored of waiting for it, I didn’t really feel like picking up 3 without playing 2 and lost interest. Plus I always felt that it was a bit of a low budget Shenmue!

  5. I have just completed Yakuza 3 and loved it, apart from as was said earlier the slightly rigid movement and animations, but an amazing story line and great combat system made up for that.

    Now I can’t wait for the next part of the story, as the little cutscene at the end of the credits left me wanting more.

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