No Digital Download For Birth By Sleep

PSPgo owners hoping for some Kingdom Hearts action are to be disappointed as Square Enix have ‘no plans’ to release the forthcoming game as a digital download.

Alex has had his mits on the game for a while and described it as ‘a hugely attractive game’ with ‘a deep combat system.’  Many other Square Enix titles have been available as a download for the PSPGo so why this title is not to be available is somewhat of a mystery.

Maybe if we all ask really nicely they’ll change their minds?

Source: Kotaku


  1. You’ve got to be kidding me!

    This sucks, the one game on the PSP I was really excited for I won’t even be able to play! :(

    • “Square Enix have ‘no plans’ to release the forthcoming game as a digital download.”
      I have no plans to get crysis2 day1.. but that dont mean i wont.

  2. I’m not happy. This for me was also probably the only game I was looking forward to for my PSPGo, and now it looks highly unlikely that I’ll be able to get it. You can bet you bottom dollar that even of it is released it’ll cost over £30 as all big titles are.

    • For most PSPgo owners that’s not a problem as the thing itself is largely expensive – just let us actually play it! Is it even considered a PSP release if it’s not playable on the latest PSP console? :S

  3. I’m seriously disgusted with this. Having sent back my review copy expecting something I can play afterwards on my Go, it now looks like I won’t be able to. Sad face.

  4. Well now the PSPgo really was my biggest waste of money in 2009. Despite how nice ‘n shiny it looks

  5. I’m with you all there – frustrated and shocked and unable to play, at least if they not decide to fix that. :S

  6. somebody must have cought some serious brainworm or something…

  7. that is a real shame im a big kingdom hearts fan but cant play this now well done square for helping your fans out their

  8. Its a great console and probably the best version of the PSP so far since its actually portable. I don’t understand why people are so negative about it. Unfortunately looks like I’ll have to buy a used PSP since this is getting ridiculous

  9. Sony should be pushing for their big titles to be digital aswell.
    If given the option between digital and umd, I’d download that bitch on my psp, psp 2k might I add.
    Shame for psp owners :\

  10. In a fucking rage of fury right now. I remember ages ago reading about this, Disney wanted to charge extortionate prices, SE were having none of it.

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