New DC Universe Online Screens

SOE has been kind enough to release a few new screens of their upcoming superhero game – DC Universe Online.  Unfortunately during my time at Gamescom I only managed to play the single player aspect of the game, rather than the multiplayer – but I still came away impressed with the slick controls and interesting ‘mix’n’match’ superpowers.  Will that be enough to tempt you into a monthly subscription though?

Source: Press Release



  1. can’t wait for this game, i currently play city of heroes/villains as i wait for this to come out

  2. There’s been no sign of the Beta codes for this game has there?

    • Not as far as I’m aware – I was hoping to get into that myself

  3. I just hope that it is buyable on the Playstation 3 in 2010, am MMO is needed!!

  4. didn’t think this was another “Lego” instalment, how shit does posion ivy look?

    • haha thinking the same thing! She looks very undeveloped

  5. i know i’ll end up spending hours in the character creator when i first get my hands on this.

    can’t wait to play it.

  6. This game was on the top of my wishlist the moment I heard about it but since the subscriptions were announced and so many other good games have been announced Its been deleted altogether. I still dont understand why the online needs to be paid for, nearly all games I own like modnation, cod, borderlands use online and dont require payment. I may just be naive here maybe its the amount of content streaming on the servers or just a way for DC to get more profits please reply if you know It would help a lot!!!!!!

    • it’s because the servers needed to put hundreds or even thousands of players in the same game world cost a lot to run.

      it not like most games where one of the players hosts, they have to set up servers to run the ai for all the in game enemies for all the players, and with the physics objects in the game it will have to synchronise that between players.

      an mmo server has to do much more work than servers for any other type of online game.
      most online games don’t have more than a dozen players in each game world, and the one of the players machines does all the heavy work.
      even a game like mag is easier to do than an average mmo, though they do host the games since i doubt you could host a server and play the game on the same machine with that many players.

      and mmos regularly get new content added

  7. I’m really looking forward to this but wasn’t aware of the subscription fee. I hope it’s not too much!

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