Konami Dates PES 2011 Demo

Konami has announced the date for the PES 2011 demo – and the day to mark in your diary is September 15th. However, those who subscribe to PlayStation + will able to play the demo from September 8th.


The demo will enable fans to play against the computer or offline multi-player matches with a choice of four clubs: either FC Barcelona or FC Bayern Munich, or Copa Libertadores pair Chivas Guadalajara and Internacional.

A release date for the Xbox 360 demo will be announced shortly.

Source: Press Release



  1. YAY =D

  2. Will be interesting to see if they can make up the ground they’ve lost. Although I’d never buy PES (even around the era of PES 3-5 when it was clearly better) I always hope it does well so as to spur EA Montreal’s FIFA onwards & upwards.

    Also, its nice that they keep looking after the cherry on top of my PS+ Subscription with the early access, not a reason to buy in itself but a nice bonus all the same

    • So you’re not looking for the best footie. You’re just gonna play FIFA. No matter what. That’s… odd.

  3. I hope its good, I will definitely be downloading this, at this point in time though FIFA is more or less certain to be better. FIFA has benefitted immensely from having the experience of creating lots of games across many sports. For instance the 360 dribbling in FIFA owes its origins to the NBA series. Konami don’t have this kind of vast crossover and this is the main reason I think PES has fallen from grace with a hard bump

  4. Excellent news, especially as PlayStation + subscriber. Try as I might to get in to FIFA, the most recent versions I’ve played (09 and 10) keep leaving me cold, so I’m really looking forward to Pro Evo 2011. Maybe this time around I’ll even get to play online!

  5. Sep 15th for me then. Will try it out, but I think last year was it for me with PES. Since trying FIFA world cup, I’ve gone back to FIFA.

  6. FC Bayern Munich! Getting this demo just to play as that team.

  7. I’m holding out on seeing both games before I decide which to purchase as I prefer the PES way of playing football but FIFA 10 was so much better than PES 2010 that I ended up converting to it.

    I think both demo’s will be on the store on the same day although someone more informed may know better on that one.

    Hoping for a return to form for PES but sadly not expecting one.

  8. earlier than the fifa 11 demo then…hmmmm

  9. Regain your crown ProEvo!!

  10. I really hope this shows PES’s “fans” that converted to FIFA a few years back that the grass this year is definitely greener on the other side.
    PES always needed a few instalments on the current gen of consoles to get up to standard.. PES 2010 although flawed was a huge leap from 09 but from what I’ve seen and read, 2011 looks to be the game we all wanted back in 2008.
    Can’t wait! To play it…

    • “2011 looks to be the game we all wanted back in 2008”

      Therein lies the problem for PES, unfortunately. Its 2 years too late and now FIFA is creating the game we want in 2010/2011.
      Konami are going to need to make one hell of a massive leap to catch up again. I hope they do because as cc_star says above, the competition will be good for the genre

      • You see I don’t see it like that… Yeah it would be nice to always get what you want.
        But FIFA just doesn’t give me what PES used to give me. I’m not blindly following PES (I have bought FIFA in the past) but I do feel a desire to hold out for the good times again. And from how confident Konami seem to be this year gets me very excited for a PES game once again..
        What happens when your football team start to lose and get relegated? Do you abandon them and switch to another team.. Hell no, you hold out for the good times again.. And they’re definitely due a return..
        Of course a lot of people won’t see it that way but I’ve been playing PES for half of my life, to me it is like supporting a football team.

        And yeah I agree, we do need both titles to be at the top of their games.

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