2K Sports Announce Top Spin 4

2K Sports announced today that Top Spin 4 will be coming to Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii in 2011.  Pre-order DLC seems to be the norm these days, and Top Spin 4 will be no different – offering “an exclusive vintage Andre Agassi playable character.” 

Greg Thomas – president of product development for 2K Sports – had the following to say:


“Top Spin 4 is shaping up to be the most realistic and exhilarating tennis game in the Top Spin franchise.

For this iteration, the development team is focused on delivering a bold new take on the sport of tennis by allowing gamers to experience first-hand an uncanny level of realism in the player and stadium models, authentic audio captured directly from real tennis matches, and all-new innovative controls to dominate the competition.”

So it’s looking like a Virtua Tennis/Top Spin fight to the death – we wonder if 2K will implement Move for the PS3 version.

Source: Press Release



  1. With Vitua Tennis already looking good and combining Move support, Top Spin will have its work cut out. Definitely worth keeping an eye on though.

  2. Virtua Tennis has always remained the queen of this genre, so I have my money on them.

  3. I really like Top Spin 3 though and the differences to the Virtua Tennis series so will be keeping a eye on this.

  4. Surely move support is a no brainer?? Wonder if it will work with connect?? Sorry Kinect :oD

  5. Vintage Agassi, we talking mullet or just pony tail

    • they can’t call it vintage agassi without the mullet.

  6. I played VT 2009 so VT 4 with Move support is for me.

  7. Virtua Tennis for me, because of Sega :]

  8. If they don’t add move support then they are makinh a big mistake.

  9. Right now ive never been so excited for a tennis game in my life and thats Virtua Tennis 4 – purely and simply because of the Move support so for this to have any degree of success Move support has to be included.

  10. awesome shud be good with the move :)

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