Reach Video Short Gets Extended

The Halo hype is really gathering pace now. There have even been one or two discussions behind the scenes about who gets to play it first when our review copy arrives, hopefully in the next few days. So here’s the latest from the Bungie house of cinematic live-action shorts. You can say what you like about the Halo series of games but they’re live action teasers are without rival.

Sorry about the Machinima branding, apparently they managed to swing an exclusive.



  1. God thats a good video!

  2. ‘The Halo hype is really gathering pace now.’
    Hay-low? Never heard of such a thing. I’ve seen nothing of this hype. ;)

    Is any of that in-game (cutscene, not gameplay)? Because it is impressive.

  3. never played a halo game, am planning on getting an xbox eventually and will hope to pick up some of these games. really likes the advert though also liked the eminem remixed cod advert too. they played after each other the other night

  4. That video is simply stunning, not getting the game though…

  5. Always love the Halo Ads, they do a fantastic job every time

  6. Saw a trailer of Halo Reach after the footy last night and it was amazing. Really tempted to get 360 for this, even though I bought one ages ago for Halo 3 and thought it was rubbish (compared to other FPS) then it all broke. Would it be stupid to do the same thing again because of a cutscene? Even good reviews won’t matter as Halo 3 is regarded as almost perfect.
    What to do…….

    • Can almost guarantee that Reach will be still the basic formula control wise as 3. If you didn’t like 3 I wouldn’t go for Reach. Halo is a bit Marmite I’ve found.

      • Unfortunately I’m such an impulse buyer and make mistakes often. Was thinking Move and Kinect are both pants…then I preordered Move the other day.

  7. Extended by what? 2 seconds?

    • A full minute, numpty. Looks good though.

      • Looks like the one ive seen before!

  8. there’s one problem with doing prequel games like this, you have to wonder how they rationalise not having all the cool new equipment and weapons in the earlier games, which are actually set after this one.

    like, why did MC never have a jetpack?

    • anyway, i’m sure i saw this exact video a week or so ago.

      this is another one extended like the special edition of avatar isn’t it? ie hardly at all.

      • I thought the same when I saw the jetpack. The only plausible explanation the rational part of my brain came up with is that most Spartan tech gets blown to shit along with the Spartans and Reach – though it is a flimsy rationale.

  9. Epic trailer. Almost gives me second thoughts about selling my 360 … Almost.

  10. Not a fan of Halo, but that vid was f’ing brilliant!!

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