Halo Reach Soundtrack Out Tomorrow

Those planning to fully immerse themselves in the world of Halo this week will be happy to hear that the Halo Reach soundtrack will be available to download tomorrow.  Those in North America will be able to get it via iTunes ($16), whilst other territories should try Something Digital’s own website ($10).

Those who shun digital copies will be able to get their hands on a two disc set from September 28th, although the price is a rather steep £16.49.

Source: CVG



  1. I’m amazed people actually buy game soundtrack’s. They generally sound pretty good when in a game, but that’s because of the context. I can only imagine listening to a soundtrack as pure music while there’s no game playing going on would be truly dreadful.

    • Next thing you’ll tell us is that Ennio Morricone’s soundtracks are unlistenable as stand-alone music. Right?

      • I have no idea who that is, but i do know i’ve never played a game and wanted to listen to it’s soundtrack as standalone entertainment. Or movies for that matter, the only films with soundtracks you can listen to without the film playing are full metal jacket, pulp fiction and requiem for a dream.

      • Obviously it’s something you feel that you need to do when actually watching or playing said film or game. You’re in the minority (meant nicely) but I can see the direct link you desire.

        For me, it’s lovely enjoying a soundtrack which invokes the memories of a game/film but with my full attention on the music instead. So it lives on its own, as such.

    • Well, apparently you don’t know a lot of games/movies with good soundtrack then. I listen to the soundtrack of the TV show 24 on a regular basis. I have ca. 30 hours (this is no joke) of soundtrack from all seasons of 24 (except season 8) on my PS3. I listen to it while playing Red Dead Redemption or Wipeout. The soundtrack of Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid games is also pretty good. There are lots of great soundtracks out there.

  2. I like that choral theme i’ve been hearing in the halo reach trailer, i could listen to that alright.
    I’ve got a few game soundtracks but i find it’s usually just the main theme that i would enjoy listening to outside of a game. Many of the other tracks are constructed as incidental music for events in the game and as a result i find they don’t always suit being listened to outside the game.

  3. £16.49 … ill just be happy playing Reach :)

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