Halo: Reach Tesco Offer

Shaving gel, mushrooms, Halo: Reach? Tescovian Tom dropped us a mail to let us know that, in another display of supermarkets enticing shoppers into their domains with the allure of discount priced games, super-chain outlet Tesco will sell Bungie’s new Halo entry for the meagre sum of 28 of your British pounds. Now that’s a deal.

Of course, they get you on your way out when you realise you really do need to pick up some of those scrumptious blueberry muffins. And, hang on a second, mouthwash at half-price? Why, yes, I am collecting the stamps for the twelve piece picnic set, thank you.


In other Halo: Reach news, the first review scores are surfacing and it looks like Microsoft have another hit on their hands. GameInformer have awarded the game a whopping 95%, calling it a true successor to Halo 3. You can expect our review soon. Very soon.

Halo: Reach drops on September 14th.

[Update] It looks like there’s some fineprint on that offer. Yes, Halo: Reach is still £28 in Tesco, but, as this blurry behind enemy lines shot taken by our very own intrepid Dan shows, you’re going to have to fork out for 2,100 MS points as well. Sneaky.

Thanks Tom



  1. I’m hoping they do this for Black Ops, not spending 45quid like I did last year (even though I’ve easily got my money’s worth out of MW2).
    I did ask in Tescos what the price would be but the guy said “no comment”…

    • Currently the price is 42.97, but that shud change nearer the time hopefully.

      • Is that in-store or online? They only do the super cheap price in-store.

      • both ATM but as soon as i hear otherwise i will let u know.

      • Cheers.

    • 100% guaranteed they will. With Fifa aswell.

  2. If ever there was a game I don’t think you can trust the review ‘scores’ of.

    No one is going to have the balls to call it on it’s shortcomings, same as with the last two, which were rife with them.

    • You can trust TSA reviews. We really are 100% impartial and have no problems rating a AAA mega-title that everyone expects will get huge scores lower than others. You only have to look over our recent reviews to see that we don’t balk when it comes to review scores.

      If we think Halo: Reach is awesome, the score will reflect that. Hopefully the text, which is far more important, is what people will actually go on. If we think it’s on par with Halo 3: ODST (which we gave 7/10) – it will get a similar score.

      • I’m calling the review as 10/10. Just a hunch. Have a feeling thesixthaxis will lose a huge amount of it’s followers if they didn’t, such is the importance of this game to many xbox owners ;-). Same I imagine with GT5. Does this ever get considered during reviews? Keep the public happy and so on?

      • @stony: To answer the second part of your question: No. We don’t doctor scores or review texts to keep readers happy. If I ever thought one of our writers was doing that they’d be off the team quicker than you can say “get some fecking integrity and a little bit of backbone”.
        TSA reviews are written as the individual writer’s opinion based on an objective appraisal (as much as it can ever be) of a game’s positive and negative points.
        To put it bluntly, we know what we’re doing and we’re confident of our abilities (as are a great many people in the industry). So a couple of pages of disagreeing (or even angry) comments from people who -don’t- know what they’re talking about really doesn’t bother us.

    • I’ll be the one reviewing and I honestly don’t give a shit about it’s hype. Sure I love Halo, but if I hate it I’ll state exactly why and give it a score that reflects it.

      However I can say that I love what I’ve played of the multi-player. I’ve seen some of the single player and was impressed, but haven’t actually played it for myself yet.

      • I guess that sort of answers part of my question. Still wonder if this or other review sites feel pressure to give certain review scores to keep the public onside.

      • right on bruv.
        i was the only f u ck er in basildon town at 7:45 am dressed as masterchief getting my halo 3 which turned out to be shit

      • “dressed as master chief”


      • It’s pretty easy to dress as Master Chief….


        I rest my case!

      • That doesn’t make it right! ;-)

  3. ooh! When’s this out? I might just go and buy it at that price. I don’t have an Xbox, but I’m sure I’d be able to shift it for more with one of my mates! :D

  4. I loved the new halo reach advert. Until I saw it for the 100th time. Just watching Dave and every advert break has it. I now hate it. Just me??

  5. I’ve already got it… I downloaded it from XBLA.
    Oops, did I sat that out loud.

  6. well in ireland it was for 25 euro thats cheap

  7. wow thats cheap, most people i know are buying the £100 version!!

  8. Not sure if I read it right, but do you have to buy an MS Points card to qualify for the discount?

    • Tesco do seem to mainly do linked offers now… I’ve seen it with their DVDs, music & Blu-rays. Sainsburys & Morrisons don’t seem to (yet)

    • Yes, the article is updated as it does appear this offer is only in conjunction with purchasing 2,100 MS points.

  9. as i work in tesco i have seen this deal,i think it is a clever one and makes it a hard choice as ive ordered the limited edition one from game,great vlaue for £40 with my staff discount but as its the final one from bungie im going to keep my extra content :-)

  10. kooooool, does anyone know if the 24 hour tesco’s will put it out at midnight?

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