Black Ops: No Campaign Co-Op

Call Of Duty :Black Ops will not feature a co-op campaign. *Internet Explodes* Calm down people, Treyarch have another surprise up their camouflaged sleeves: Black Ops will feature split-screen online multi player!

The details were revealed in the video below, an interview with Dan Suarez, an executive producer for the game. (watch from about the  6m 20s mark.) No further details were given but let’s hope they can keep that silky smooth frame rate going for split screen.

Source: Youtube / CODFAQ


  1. Hang on, aren’t they offering ‘extra co-op missions’ with the hector ballbag edition?

    • 7:04
      “It’s in campaign? Co-op as well?” “There’s no campaign co-op this year.”

      • So the headline, ‘No Co-Op’ is needlessly misleading?

      • There you go. That better?

      • Yes, I feel much better inside now. In my heart.

      • I don’t get it, so are there co-op missions just not the main game? Also, splitscreen online is possibly the greatest feature in the world! I’ve been scowling jealously at Halo for years, no more!

      • Split Screen MP might work in Halo, but from experience with MW2 it makes COD unplayable, even on a 50″ TV. Have tried Local 1v1 and you cannot see enough of what is going on to be effective. Also sound plays a definate part in COD, hows that going to work with 2 people playing at once?

        Onine COD is tough enough thanks. See no point in this.

    • I’m glad. Is there anything else I can help with?

    • this is just a sign of Zombies coming back.

  2. I dont see how multiplayer splitscreen coop is better than a coop campaign.

  3. That’s about as welcome as KFC at a PETA Conference.

  4. I like it, I utilised this feature a lot on Resistance 2 and it is also one of the main reasons that MNR gets put in my machine so many times a month.
    Local multiplayer is something I miss about modern gaming, its not utilised enough these days. Online multiplayer is great, but I can’t run around the room with my shirt over my head when I score a goal in FIFA if I am all alone, that just wierd, however, if my mates are over celebrations and banter are expected, nay, enforced.
    Good call on treyarch for inclusing this, its a feature that will get lots of use from me.

    • yep same here. i was looking at swerving this game for a while but online split screen may make it a day 1 purchase (to get it cheap)

  5. What about split screen LAN? That’s what this game needs, almost the only game I know of on the ps that has this is war hawk.

    • Blur has split screen LAN :)

    • Is it confirmed that it’s also on the PS3? It’s nothing new that MS might have extra content, I’m hoping this isn’t one of those things. They only have the 360 whenever they show something on Black Ops, which has me a bit worried as to how the PS3 version will look.
      On a not related note, I finally saw the Move in person, in action yesterday in Guatemala. Brilliant to say the least. Love the new 3D tv’s aswell, but won’t be getting one.

  6. Will never use this feature, though i would use online co-op a lot. Why not both?

  7. So when it says no campaign co-op does that mean it still has the standalone Spec Ops missions?

    I’m one of the minority that doesn’t particularly like COD Multiplayer but I bought MW2 because of a cheap supermarket deal and the fact I liked the MW1 campaign, so I played the campaign and then loved playing the Spec Ops with friends and ended up with the Platinum for it – but never once entered the multiplayer lobby!

    • Same here. It was the first COD game that I’ve ever bought.

      I enjoyed the SP player campaign and really enjoyed playing the Spec Ops mission with a friend. We both ended up getting the platinum simultaneously, which was pretty cool, especially as it was my mate’s first ever platinum!!

      After that, the MP just didn’t appeal to me and I never even tried a single game!!

      • I quite like spec ops, though it was nice and it suited quite well that they were bitesize. Though I did hate those effing skidoos and lying on the floor of the petrol station machinegunning people in the ankles :D

  8. Did I just hear ‘dedicated servers’? =======D

  9. This is amazing news! For me its the only reason I give any respect for Halo series for the ability to have online multiplayer on a single machine. I am truly amazed how little other FPS follow Halo’s lead with this. If true I will DEFINITELY be getting this game :-)
    Made my day this news.

    • It’s a great feature that seems to be overlooked quite often.

  10. I can’t hear the vid as I’m at work, but that sounds brilliant. I’m guessing if you can play online split screen, then combat training offline will be too? That’s brilliant too if that is right.

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