Steel Battalion Heads To Kinect

Capcom has announced that their first plunge into Kinect will be with ‘Steel Battalion Heavy Armor’.  The game will be set in 2082 as new superpowers wage war on each other.  The weapon of choice is the VT – or ‘Vertical Tank’ – fairly low tech machines that rely on the skill of the pilot. 

Keiji Inafune – Capcom’s Head of R&D Management Group and Contents Management Division – had the following to say:


“The announcement of Steel Battalion Heavy Armor is further testament to Capcom’s commitment to produce innovative titles that take advantage of the latest technology.

With Kinect’s ability to track your joints and movements and understand where the player is in 3D space and the development expertise of From Software in partnership with Capcom’s own personnel, we are confident of delivering a truly immersive experience for Xbox 360 gamers.”

Very interested to see how this one works.

Source: Press Release



  1. the game that required a controller with something like a hundred buttons now works with none?
    this i’ve got to see.

    • That is exactly what I was thinking :-)

  2. mech games now why didn’t i think of that. this might actually be half decent

  3. I’m guessing this is gonna get an insane amount of streamlining and stripping back. I had the first two and loved them, they really were tremendous fun but a lot of the fun came from learning to pilot the damned thing as the game and combat themselves were actually pretty basic. Be interesting to see where they go with this.

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