Steel Battalion Heavy Armor ‘How To’ Trailer

We have been wondering how Xbox 360 exclusive Steel Battalion was going to combine Kinect and joypad controls. Well, Capcom has helpfully released a trailer showing just that.


Set in one of those lovely warehouse apartments that everyone lives in (you do, right?) it shows a rather intense young man changing gear and punching his crew in the face.

You can also use Kinect to tug your crewman back in, it seems a double handed approach works best, and an alternative hand motion is used to raise your own periscope.

Reports suggesting that John Travolta assisted in the development of the game are mere speculation.

Source: Capcom Unity



  1. The sub heading sounds rude! Or is tht my dirty mind.

    • Er it IS Tuffcub you know ;-)

    • “An alternative hand motion is used to raise your own periscope.” – Maybe i need to be less subtle with smut.

  2. ‘Check on your crew’ is a feature? Wait, punching your crew is a feature?

    I can’t help but be cynical whilst watching that and think that it might get a little repetitive, despite how cool the trailer looked it may become a short lived thrill.

  3. Looks like one hell of a work out.

  4. That looks like what i expected it to be – tiring.

  5. It’s set in a warehouse apartment because that how much space Kinect needs to work (zing!).

    I was holding out hope for this title based on previous videos but this one demonstrates everything I DON’T want in Kinect integration into a ‘core’ game, namely:

    – Having to stand up with a controller in your hands.
    – Inefficient use of gestures ie: swipping left (slow) to look left instead of D-Pad (fast).
    – Unnecessary quicktime button tapping replaced with unecnessary quicktime Kinect gestures.

    Some things still showed promise though, thrusting the controller forward and aft to change zoom is fairly intuitive and can be done sitting down (good), also the periscope and gear change seemed ok so long as they aren’t required often. If you had to reach up (physically) for your scope every few seconds it would get very old very fast.

    ps: Tuffcub… I laughed :)

  6. i see you’re out to keep your crown TC, after Peter’s attempt to steal it. ^_^

    this is how i see kinect working best for games.
    have the main controls on a pad, but have secondary actions mapped to motions.

    so you get accurate control where you need it, but you get the immersion of performing the motions to do other actions.
    and doing them in a way that you’d expect to do them.

    i quite like the punch your crew option. ^_^

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