GT5: New Video Footage Impresses

Videos grabbed from the chaps over at Gamersyde show off Gran Turismo 5’s increasingly beautiful bodywork – it looks like the most recent build demoed at the Tokyo Game Show is, as you’d expect, really starting to show the game off properly.

Streaming remotely from the site is currently disabled so you’ll need to do some downloading or face some adverts, but on the whole they’re absolutely worth it.


First up is footage of the Eiger mountains in the rain.  There’re three videos, showing off various vehicles but mainly demonstrating the lovely weather effects.

Then there’s confirmation of Trial Mountain, one of my favourite evergreen GT tracks and it’s fair to say it’s looking better than ever.

Thirdly, the all-time classic American raceway that is Laguna Seca, complete with that famous double hairpin.  It’s no surprise that it’s in, but it’s good to see it anyway.

Then there’s night footage of the massive 24 hour Le Mans circuit – complete with wonderful lighting effects.

And finally, for our US-based readers (and anyone not offended by left, left jokes) there’s some NASCAR footage.

All credit to Gamersyde.



  1. This is AWESOME.full stop!!!!!

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