3DS Resident Evil Screens Hit

Capcom used Nintendo’s 3DS conference to show off some screens for its upcoming 3DS Resident Evil game – Resident Evil: Revelations.  Originally announced at E3, not much is known about the game apart from the fact it’s an original entry in the series.

Source: Press Release



  1. Why does the Selfridges advert cover part of the picture when I zoom in?! =O

    Look s like it might be fun. =D

    • pan down the page a little so banner is out of site before clicking. Would be nice to see a 3DS in action, screen is meant to look great!

  2. oohhh, corridors :-D

  3. I think this shows us that the 3DS might be quite a nice little bit of kit. Not sure about the over-use of bloom lighting, mind.

  4. Wow, pretty impressive for handheld! Just wanna see the 3Dness for myself though, can’t wait!

  5. You can see the cheap 3D shots even in these screens – the explosion throwing the woman towards/out of the screen, the front of the ship hitting a wave and crashing towards/out of the screen etc. It’s amazing how when you indroduce 3D (to films and games) people feel compelled to make things fly out at you, whereas personally I think 3D works best when it’s subtle and focusses on depth perception…

    • Ive not played the 3DS, but from what ive heard the games so far focus very much on depth perception rather than stuff jumping out at you. fingers crossed thats true.

  6. I don’t care too much for 3D but I’m a sucker for Resident Evil. When this comes out I will have a hard time resisting the urge to spend the council tax on a 3DS.

  7. Really want to try the 3DS – slightly confused as to the experience of 3d but looking forward. DS was a handheld revolution

  8. You know, this sounds nice and all and am defo temped but i really hope they make games that are based around the 3D. I.e things hidden around corners or something in the gameplay that relates to the 3D. Im sure they will but they should show them soon I think. I kinda liked what was happening with this game: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SWAg1s7xfz0

  9. Is this a spinoff or a prequel of RE5??

    • it looks like it cud be either as one of the pics looks like jill in S.T.A.R.S outfit

  10. Looks abit like Lara from the pics :P

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